How to Rock Your Read-a-Thon

The Multipurpose Room

Sep 17 2021 • 14 mins

Whether you’re new to running a read-a-thon, or want some tips from experienced planners to boost your success, this episode’s for you. We share the basics, the learnings, and even sample language to make your event a success.

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Show Notes:

Here is some sample language to describe your read-a-thon:

Every day beginning (DAY, DATE) through (DAY, DATE) readers will earn prizes by reading books.  Participants will get pledges from family and friends to support their efforts.  Sponsors can either pledge a certain amount of money per minute read or make a flat donation.

Here is a sample prize structure:

Fundraising Prizes - prizes are additive

Amount Raised


$10.00 - $29.99 in pledges =

Invisible Ink Pen

$30.00 - $49.99 in pledges =

Free Kona Ice

$50.00 - $99.99 in pledges =

$5 Target Gift Card

$100.00 - $199.99 in pledges =

$25.00 Bookstore Gift Card

$200.00 and over in pledges =

$50.00 Bookstore Gift Card

Other Prizes

Most Minutes Read

The students from each grade who read the most minutes will each receive the top prize.

Top Pledge Amount

The student who earned the highest amount in pledges will receive an iPad!

Top Classrooms

The classroom that received the highest amount in pledges and the classroom that read the most minutes will win an ice cream sunday party.

Sample Student Letter Language:

Dear ________________ [Grandpa/Aunt Mary, etc.],

Hi! I am sending this note to tell you about an exciting event coming up at my school, _____________. We are having a Read-a-thon! My whole school will spend [date] to [date] doing as much reading as we can, and we will be raising money for our school to fund ________________________!

I have thought carefully about how much reading I will try to do that week, and I am setting my goal at _________ minutes for the week.

Do you think you could sponsor me in the Read-a-thon? You could sponsor me by the minute or you could sponsor me for a flat amount. What do you say? Can you help me with my Read-a-thon this year? If so, let me know whether you want to do flat or per minute. I will reach back out on _______________ to let you know how much I read. All checks should be made out to _______________.


Student Name

Sample Business Letter:

The _________________PTA would like to take this opportunity to announce our annual Read-a-Thon fundraiser. We will begin this fundraiser on ____________ and our goal is to read 100,000 minutes and raise $10,000 to support our school! Funds raised will help the ______________________________________ and so much more!  There are many opportunities to win prizes. Thank you for supporting our young tigers as they establish a love for reading!

As a business in our local community, we would like to ask for your support in meeting our goal. As a read-a-thon sponsor, our PTA will recognize you as one of our Circle of Sponsors:

  • Platinum Sponsor - $1000+

  • Gold Sponsor - $500 - $999

  • Silver Sponsor - $250 - $499

  • Bronze Sponsor - $126 - $249

  • Classroom Sponsor - $125

We are open to cash donations or prize item donations that rise to the levels above. The descriptions of how we honor our Circle of Sponsors are in the following page. We are a 501(c)(3) so all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,

School PTA