2 Sales Tools to Help with Your Marketing | Donald Kelly - 002

MORE - The Digital Marketing Tech Tools Podcast

Feb 3 2021 • 34 mins

In this episode, Ricardo Berrís talks to Donald Kelly, the Founder and The Chief Sales Evangelist at The Sales Evangelist and TSE Studios to discuss 2 sales tools to help you with your marketing.

Donald has extensive experience in these areas through his podcast, The Sales Evangelist, and the training organization that has come from that. His team helps companies and individuals improve their selling skills by sharing the fundamentals of selling, improving their sales mindset, educating them on available technology, and improving their selling techniques. Donald also runs TSE Studios, which produces podcasts and content for companies and individuals as well.

The MORE podcast is here for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling to grow their business or even to BEGIN their business because the technology is so intimidating. Donald was no different when he started his podcast in December 2013. What if he didn’t know how to do it? What if he didn’t do it right? Getting a mic, editing with QuickTime iMovie, and using Canva for graphics, he just had to get started. As a result, Donald was exposed to people and companies who needed him for consultation and who were ready to be coached. It was these small efforts and imperfect beginnings that gave him the exposure for the businesses he has now.

As an entrepreneur, you can’t think about perfection because that’s going to hold you back. It’s time to get out of your way by not allowing procrastination, fear, and mistakes to keep you from meeting your goals.

As Donald set up his business, some of the tools he used were:

-Asana: To track tasks

(Note: Ricardo also likes Meistertask for a project management tool.)

-Panda Doc: To keep track of proposals

-HubSpot: To manage leads

-MailChimp: To send emails to clients

The key is to not be intimidated and just have a place to start. You may not need all these tools in the beginning but it’s good to know you have resources that will grow as you grow.

As Donald’s business grew and he needed more automation, his software needs started to evolve as well:

-Active Campaign: Able to automate emails and has a built-in CRM (customer relationship management). Also connects to Google Analytics.

-Zapier: This allows you to take different software and have them communicate with each other without expensive developers.

-OnCourse: Has the phone built-in and can execute an email campaign over time so you don’t have to remember to reach out to your customers on a specific day. You just write out your emails and OnCourse sends them for you.

-Trello: Project task manager.

When you’re first starting, put yourself in front of people who are going to be your teachers. You never want to be the smartest person in the room. Who are the people who can teach you about communicating with your customers, graphic design, etc? If you’re able, hire people who can take care of these tasks so as a team, you can grow your business.

There are people who are waiting for what only you have to offer. You have a mission behind that and an obligation to help these future customers learn about you. You’re doing yourself and your customers a disservice if you aren’t sharing your talents, skills, and solutions.

Remember too, don’t get overwhelmed by everything available to you. You came for two marketing solutions and you’ve been given even more resources through this episode. Start small, learn a little at a time, practice, and grow your resources as you need them.

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