#173 The Extrication Evolution with the EXIT project & Dr Tim Nutbeam

The Firefighters Podcast

Oct 17 2022 • 1 hr 17 mins

Dr Tim Nutbeam is a consultant in Emergency Medicine & Lead Consultant Devon Air Ambulance. He is also one of the leads of the EXIT project which has spent years working with the NFCC, UKRO the College of Paramedics and Faculty or Prehospital Care to produce evidence-based guidelines / principles for the extrication of patients trapped in motor vehicles.

There is also summary video available through UKRO clicking HERE


  • A comparison of the demographics, injury patterns and outcome data for patient injured in motor vehicle collisions who are trapped compared to those patients who are not trapped HERE
  • Sex-disaggregated analysis of the injury patterns, outcome data and trapped
    status of major trauma patients injured in motor vehicle collisions: a
    prespecified analysis of the UK trauma registry (TARN) HERE
  • Do entrapment, injuries, outcomes and potential for self-extrication vary with age?  A pre-specified analysis of the UK trauma registry (TARN) HERE
  • The role of cervical collars and verbal instructions in minimising spinal movement during self-extrication following a motor vehicle collision - a biomechanical study using healthy volunteers HERE
  • Assessing spinal movement during four extrication methods: a biomechanical study using healthy volunteers HERE
  • Maximum Movement and Cumulative Movement (Travel) to Inform our Understanding of Secondary Spinal Cord Injury and its Application to Collar use in Self-extrication HERE
  • A biometrical study to compare spinal movement in a healthy volunteer during extrication, between ‘chain cabling’ and ‘roof-off’ methods of extrication HERE
  • Understanding people’s experiences of extrication while being trapped in motor vehicles: a qualitative study HERE
  • A Delphi study of rescue and clinical subject matter experts on the extrication of patients following a motor vehicle collision HERE

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