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Many people enjoy playing in fantasy soccer leagues. Sometimes that group includes celebrities. Comedians Playing Fantasy Premier League is a podcast where two of the UK's funniest comics and their friends talk fantasy soccer.

The hosts of the Comedians Playing Fantasy Premier League podcast are Matt Forde and Jon Richardson. Listeners familiar with the UK comedy scene may recognize both names. Forde is an impressionist and writer who has been friends with Richardson for years. He is well known for doing impressions of political figures. These include such people as Donald Trump and Boris Johnson. Richardson is a stand-up comic, writer, and television host. He has appeared on numerous British television programs. Additionally, he has released three stand-up comedy specials. Richardson has also been a featured performer at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Comedians Playing Fantasy Premier League is not a typical fantasy soccer podcast. The two hosts are not former soccer players or even sports experts. What they do have to offer, though, are a lot of jokes and interesting insights. Those looking for a fantasy podcast out of the mainstream may enjoy this show.

The hosts often have several of their comedian friends appear on the podcast. Some of these names, such as Sam Allardyce and Russell Howard, may be familiar. Because they are all friends in real life, the banter here never feels forced. The comics all have a great time making Comedians Playing Fantasy Premier League. This makes it more likely that the listeners will also enjoy the show. This is not an academic soccer podcast but a fresh and fun listen.

New episodes of Comedians Playing Fantasy Premier League drop on a regular basis. These episodes premiere on alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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