The Corporate Security Translator Podcast

Carlos Francisco

Welcome to the podcast where I help all the military, law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, and Federal career (FBI, Secret Service, CIA, etc.) folks transition to corporate security. On this journey, I will talk about everything corporate security.
Swiss Military to Cop to Corporate to Leadership Book Author!From EOD Officer to Chief Security Officer!From Law Enforcement Officer to Sports Entertainment!From Cop to the Hospital Security Industry!Meet Resume Writer Extraordinaire and Job Search Superstar!From Fire Chief to Corporate Security and Beyond!From the Navy to Executive Account Sales Leader!From the Prosecutors Office to Corporate VP, and Now Running His Own Transition Company.From FBI to Corporate! Rejection is Progression.From Deputy Chief and Military Reserve to the Biggest Security Company in the World!Have You Spoken to Your Family About Transitioning to Corporate?From Chief of Police to GM of a Contract Guard Force Company!From CIA to Corporate Security and How to NOT Get in Deep Water!Translate the Job Description to Your Benefit! It will match your prior career!Coach Scott Helps You Transition From Law Enforcement to the Corporate World!All You Need to Know About Resume and Interviews if You are Transitioning from the Military and Others!How to Transition from the Military to Corporate! A Special Forces Officer's Tale.Transitioning to Corporate Security and Having a Tough Time? Fight Rejection Through Connections.Brian Helps Chief of Police and High Level Commanders Transition to Corporate Security and Much More!Don't Go at it Alone When Transitioning to Corporate Security! Check Out this Big Money Chat!