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Evolve is a show to help you become a hero and solve the worlds greatest challenges. Brandon Stover interviews social innovators, entrepreneurs, and thinkers about the global problems we face and the solutions they have created to solve them. The goal is to help you find purpose & learn skills for social impact so you can contribute to these solutions or create new ones. Brandon asks thought provoking questions to the understand the complexity of issues from climate change to education, and reveal the the tools, tactics, and wisdom of these innovators to educate, inspire, and empower your success in leaving impact on the world. "They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs

Sibongani Kayola on Ending Global Poverty, GivingDirectly Cash Transfers, and Finding Meaningful Careers | Evolve 077
Sibongani Kayola is Country Director of GiveDirectly Liberia, and someone deeply interested in the interaction between psychosocial factors and financial behavior. GiveDirectly is a nonprofit that lets donors like you send money directly to the world’s poorest households. Globally, GiveDirectly delivered $165M+ to over 534K households in 8 countries across 25 different programs in 2021. Sibongani joined the GiveDirectly Liberia program in 2018 and had a goal to deliver cash to ~12,000 people in 2 years. Fast forward to 2021 they enrolled and paid over 100,000 Liberians in a single year!  As country director she provides strategic leadership for GiveDirectly’s in-country operations. She is responsible for managing a US$ 70M portfolio (2022-2025), leading in-country fundraising and resource mobilization and managing relationships with entities such as the Liberia Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, USAID and the World Bank. And today, Sibongani shares her learnings of giving money directly in Liberia and how we can end poverty in our lifetime by direct giving, an efficient, proven, and empowering way to help. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODEWhat are the drivers of global povertyThe step by step journey from donating your cash to someone receiving itThe effectiveness of giving cash directly for lifting someone out of povertyKey considerations when looking for a meaningful career solving global issuesHow an everyday person can make change to solve big issuesand much more...Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/77The Evolve podcast is produced by Plato University.TIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Introduction(01:54) - What are the drivers of global poverty?(06:05) - How does US poverty compare to global poverty?(07:02) - The State of Liberia in 2018 making poverty worse(10:32) - How much someone in Liberia lives on in a day(12:40) - The first steps to giving cash directly to people in Liberia(13:51) - What happens when they refuse to take the cash?(16:51) - The step by step journey from donating your cash to someone receiving it(18:50) - How country governments respond to GiveDirectly(21:33) - How communities change when money is given directly to citizens(24:15) - GiveDirectly's effectiveness compared to goods or service nonprofits(26:17) - Long-term research and considerations of giving cash directly(28:40) - Can crypto help end poverty?(31:04) - How to provide financial literacy to receivers of cash(34:08) - How Sibongani went from working in mental health to poverty(37:23) - Key considerations when looking for a meaningful career solving global issues(41:58) - Challenges to growing the GiveDirectly Liberia program(46:15) - How an everyday person can make change to solve big issues(49:16) - How we can push the world to Evolve
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Robbie Bent on Breathwork for Mental Health, 8 Day Cave Retreats, and Overcoming Failure and Addiction  | Evolve 076
Robbie Bent is Co-founder of Othership,  a physical location and an on-demand Breathwork platform featuring the world's best facilitators in the space. Years ago, breathwork, plant medicine, and hot/cold therapy helped Robbie turn away from a lifetime of alienation and addiction. Now, his mission is to create a community and safe space for people to feel belonging, connection, and emotional resilience without the social crutch of alcohol or drugs. His brand, Othership, includes physical and online opportunities to dial into the breath, self-regulate our emotions, and connect with one another. How backyard ice baths sparked a community that’s redefining well-being. Prior to Othership, he led ecosystem development at Ethereum and was multiple time founder. Today, Robbie is going share how backyard ice baths sparked a community that’s redefining well-being and how we can tap into the power of the human nervous system to shift our state for better mental health. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODEWhy Robbie lived 8 days in a caveHow our modern life is effecting our mental healthHow breathwork can foster emotional fitness, mental health, and friendshipHow Othership went from a backyard to growing startupHow Robbie went from a failed startup and drug addiction to helping hundreds of people with mental healthand much more...Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/76The Evolve podcast is produced by Plato University.TIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Introduction(02:16) - Why Robbie lived 8 days in a cave(04:28) - How the cave experience changed his perception(12:39) - How our modern life is effecting our mental health(16:49) - How breath is connected to wellbeing(20:18) - How breathwork can foster emotional fitness, mental health, and friendship(27:37) - Using music to make wellness practices fun(30:19) - How Othership went from a backyard to growing startup(37:49) - How Robbie went from a failed startup and drug addiction to helping hundreds of people with mental health(43:36) - The first steps to getting out of depression(47:39) - What success and enough means for Robbie(51:44) - How Robbie is using a retreat to prepare for fatherhood(53:17) - The difficulties of keeping a wellness routine(55:42) - How to get started with breathwork and hot/cold therapy for wellbeing(58:59) - How we can push the world to Evolve
May 2 2022
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Brandon Stover on Changing Higher Education, Finding Purpose, & Being a Podcaster | Evolve 075
Want the top 3 lessons and premium, detailed deep-dive show notes for this episode for FREE? Subscribe at evolvepodcast.substack.comBrandon Stover it the founder of Plato University, an alternative, online university that turns your passions into purpose by helping you master skills and launch a career solving global challenges. As a podcaster, he hosts the Evolve podcast. From climate change to education to mental health, he mines the wisdom of visionaries and experts for the tools and tactics to solve these global issues. He is also the founder of the Social Good Media Network, a media group united around the goal of helping listeners understand the global challenges we face and how we can work together to solve them. Before these ventures, I spent half a decade of experience as a designer, marketer, and educator. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODEHow to listen to others and TRULY understand themHow I am changing the higher education paradigmAnd the dark challenges I faced that led me to finding my purposeand much more...Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/75The Evolve podcast is produced by Plato University and is a member of the  Social Good Media NetworkTIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Introduction(06:36) - How to navigate difficult conversations(09:01) - How to calm the voice of judgement in your mind(11:00) - How to connect and recognize other's emotions(12:33) - How podcasting made me a better listener(16:20) - How podcasting skills transfer to other areas of life(20:28) - Podcasting as a container for deeper conversations(24:09) - Chasing the golden ticket and reaching depression(28:24) - How I started the path to finding purpose(32:35) - Does fear play into my decisions(37:42) - How students start finding their purpose at Plato University(40:30) - How did Plato University start(45:03) - How millennials and gen z are demanding purpose in their life(53:40) - What does Plato University look like at scale?(57:53) - How do employers look at education?(52:04) - What does a degree signal in Higher Education?(1:05:29) - What does compassion mean?
Feb 7 2022
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H.D. Lee on Using Education to Connect Students to a Higher Self, Finding Meaning & Purpose, & Building a New School  | Evolve 074
Want the top 3 lessons and premium, detailed deep-dive show notes for this episode for FREE? Subscribe at evolvepodcast.substack.comH.D. Lee is Founder of Nomadic School, which is dedicated to adolescents’ and young adults’ exploration of the beauty, truth, and goodness within in connection to Something larger than oneself. He is a seeker and practitioner of wholeness through living an authentic and inspired life. The life roles which bring him insight, healing and growth are son, father, friend, learner, artist, musician, writer, teacher, and coach. H.D. Lee runs a life coaching practice with a focus on self- actualization and Self-realization. In other words, his work often involves the questions of the discovery and fulfillment of one’s potential, as well as life meaning and purpose. His clients are young adults, adults, and couples who come from more than twenty different countries and cultural backgrounds. H.D. Lee serves in an advisory role for the social educational non-profit HundrED in Finland, and Xinzhai-Better (心斋-貝德幼兒全人教育中心) in China. Fluent and literate in Chinese, French, and English, H.D. has lived or worked in the US, Germany, France, England, Taiwan, China, and Belgium. Formerly an information technology and business consultant for many years, H.D. Lee also taught transpersonal & positive psychology to international students at Sofia University (USA). H.D. is currently launching a school .WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODEWhat is the Self and how you can discover itHow the economic system & industrial complex have effected educationWhy traditional education does not help learners wrestle with the fundamental question of lifeHow to create a transdisciplinary school model for student discovery of the selfHow to help students find meaning and purpose through learningand much more...Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/74The Evolve podcast is produced by Plato University and is a member of the  Social Good Media NetworkTIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Introduction(01:10) - How Dean's life culminated into education(06:41) - Why start a new school(11:52) - Dean's mission with Nomadic School(12:38) - What is the Self & how do we discover it?(16:32) - How the economic system & industrial complex have effected education(21:44) - Why traditional education does not help learners wrestle with the fundamental question of life(23:44) - How to create a transdisciplinary school model for student discovery of the self(29:12) - A day in the life of a Nomadic School learner(34:25) - Challenges of starting a school with a radical model(39:29) - How to help students find meaning and purpose through learning(47:56) - What is the meaning of life(49:11) - Call to action(51:02) - How to push the world to Evolve
Jan 24 2022
52 mins
Vriti Saraf on Web3 for Education, Breaking Educators into the Metaverse, & Education Silos | Evolve 073
Want the shownotes & resources delivered to your inbox? Subscribe at evolvepodcast.substack.comVriti Saraf is Founder & CEO of k20, the social learning community for global educators. They offer programs to engage educators, like masterminds, think tanks, incubators, and conferences, and a community of educators from all over the world. Vriti has worked with public, private, and charter schools both locally & internationally, across the k20 spectrum. An alumna of Teach for America & Relay Graduate School, Vriti served as a teacher, dean of instruction, and network director of professional learning at Ascend Public Charter Schools, where she built the network’s first teacher residency program. At the same time, she worked with first year teachers as an adjunct professor at Relay. Most recently, she spent several years building schools around the world with Whittle School & Studios. As Global Director of Professional Learning, she constructed the professional learning and growth infrastructure for educators. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODEWhy silos exist in education and how they rob teachers of their powersHow educators can have more innovative research practicesHow Web3 and the metaverse will change educationWhere to find to leading resources for education and technologyand much more...Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/73The Evolve podcast is produced by Plato University and is a member of the  Social Good Media NetworkTIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Introduction(01:25) - k20's Mission(01:56) - Why do silos exist in education?(05:11) - How the education systems robs teachers of agency and creativity(07:34) - How is education siloed from other industries like tech?(10:39) - How teachers are taught(13:20) - What is the k20 eduverse?(16:57) - What is the metaverse?(19:14) - Creating the City of Learning(21:16) - A 24 hour education conference on Twitter(25:09) - How educators can have more innovative research practices(31:32) - How Teach for America transformed Vriti(35:48) - How Vriti went from educator to founder(38:28) - The power of virtual relationships(41:30) - How Web3 will change education(52:37) - Must hear advice for founders and educators alike(53:51) - Call to action(55:15) - How to push the world to Evolve
Jan 10 2022
57 mins
Victoria Ransom on Education, Personalized Learning in Online Networks, & Starting A Company During A Pandemic | Evolve 072
Want the shownotes & resources delivered to your inbox? Subscribe at evolvepodcast.substack.comVictoria Ransom is the Founder & CEO of Prisma, the world's first connected learning network for K-12 that fully replaces regular school. Victoria's track record as a serial entrepreneur comes from developing 3 companies including Wildfire,  a social marketing software company, Victoria led the company to profitability in just one year and built the company to tens of thousands of customers, 400 employees, and eight offices worldwide. Clients included 31 of the world’s top 50 brands. Wildfire was acquired by Google in August 2012 for $450M. Victoria joined Google as Director of Product, initially leading Wildfire and later Google Express.  But after having 3 children, Victoria and her husband and cofounder Alain Chuard, wondered, could they prepare their children to thrive in a tumultuous, ever-changing world? So they set out to reimagine what school could be. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODEWhat are the problems of today's education systemHow to personalize a student's learning and scale it for othersHow to foster a community of learners online in engaging experiencesHow to decide big problems worth solvingand much more...Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/72The Evolve podcast is produced by Plato University and is a member of the  Social Good Media NetworkTIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Introduction(01:22) - What are the problems of today's education system(05:31) - How to research education from an outside perspective(07:40) - How school funding and higher education influence K-12 education(10:24) - What is Prisma?(14:10) - What is the purpose of education?(15:23) - A day in the life of a Prisma learner(19:56) - How to personalize a student's learning(23:16) - How to scale personalized learning(28:02) - Curating vs creating educational content(31:43) - How to celebrate student learning(34:37) - Badges vs grades(37:36) - How to foster a community of learners online(40:16) - Creating engaging online experiences for students(45:32) - Results of Prisma learning(49:42) - How has Prisma's model changed(53:40) - How to decide problems worth solving(58:26) - How to launch a company during a recession(1:02:17) - How Prisma built their team of educators(1:03:48) - Call to Action(1:04:16) - How we can push the world to Evolve
Jan 3 2022
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Carla Marschall & Elizabeth Crawford on Education, Creating a Just, Sustainable Future, and Finding a Coauthor on Twitter | Evolve 071
Want the shownotes & resources delivered to your inbox? Subscribe at evolvepodcast.substack.comCarla Marschall & Elizabeth Crawford are educators, curriculum designers, and authors of Worldwise Learning: A Teacher′s Guide to Shaping a Just, Sustainable Future, which helps educators create a “Pedagogy for People, Planet, and Prosperity” that supports  educators in nurturing “Worldwise Learners”: students who both deeply understand and purposefully act when learning about global challenges. Carla has worked in a variety of leadership roles in international schools in Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, and Singapore over the past ten years and her current role is Director of Teaching & Learning at UWC South East Asia. Elizabeth has taught in a variety of school contexts, including elementary and middle schools in France and the United States and is currently an Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODEHow to connect students to global problems; even in kindergartenHow to help them understand problems at a systems levelHow to help students act on creating solutions for problemsHow to write a book with someone you just met on Twitterand much more...Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/71The Evolve podcast is produced by Plato University and is a member of the  Social Good Media NetworkTIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Introduction(01:32) - What education needs in 2021(04:25) - How scripted, top down models are a problem for education(07:15) - How poverty effects education(10:22) - What traditional education does really well(14:05) - What is global competence?(18:36) - Why its important to connect content personally to a student(22:30) - What is the 3 parts of the Worldwise Learning Cycle?(27:59) - Why is systems thinking important for students?(31:58) - How to create knowledge transfer through real world problems(33:09) - Examples of the Worldwise Learning Cycle in action(40:55) - How a teacher can implement this into their practice(44:38) - How could this be used for adults?(47:25) - How to write a book with someone you just met on Twitter(55:03) - How Carla and Elizabeth personally changed their teaching(58:14) - Call to Action(59:14) - How to push the world to Evolve
Dec 27 2021
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Raya Bidshahri on Education, Creating a School of Humanity, and Being an Education Entrepreneur | Evolve 070
Want the shownotes & resources delivered to your inbox? Subscribe at evolvepodcast.substack.comRaya Bidshahri is a serial education entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and award-winning educator, and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the School of Humanity, a revolutionary online high school with a progressive model and skill-based curriculum. Raya works with governments, investors, EdTech companies, and education providers to ideate and execute revolutionary education models for the 21st-century world. Featured by the BBC as one of the most influential and inspiring women globally, she is a global thought-leader on the future of work and education. Raya is also the Founder of Awecademy, an award-winning organization offering future-focussed & wisdom-based education. She has served on the founding teams of multiple organizations including SciFest Dubai, and SheWorks. She serves as an advisory board member to multiple EdTech companies and is a member of the Bett Future Education Council. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODEWhat's wrong with what, where, how, and why we are learning in schoolsHow regulation, higher education, and accreditation stifle education innovationHow to create personalized learning for studentsHow an education entrepreneur can go from idea to a full schoolWhy entrepreneurs should tackle problems that really piss them offand much more...Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/70The Evolve podcast is produced by Plato University and is a member of the  Social Good Media NetworkTIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Introduction(01:19) - Raya's experience in traditional schooling(04:15) - School of Humanity's mission(04:48) - What are the core problems of traditional education?(07:46) - Why is there a lack of personalization in schools?(09:34) - Are traditional schools unethical?(11:32) - How do other stakeholders effect schools?(14:05) - How are the trends from the future of work effecting education?(16:19) - How does regulation stifle innovation in education?(19:42) - What is the School of Humanity and how is it different?(23:04) - What is the purpose of education?(24:23) - How to create personalized learning paths for students(29:06) - What are the 600 skills and competencies learners need in the 21st century?(30:32) - What is existential intelligence and why should students develop it?(33:34) - How to create competency based education(37:38) - How to evaluate skills students are learning(39:48) - A day in the life of a School of Humanity learner(43:27) - How to explain radically new education models to others(46:32) - Results from School of Humanity's model(48:35) - How to build a vibrant online community for learning(53:25) - Can AI help personalize learning in the future?(55:55) - Why entrepreneurs should tackle problems that really piss them off(59:12) - Raya's prior startup Aweacademy(1:00:03) - How an education entrepreneur can go from idea to a full school(1:09:37) - Must hear advice for founders(1:12:06) - Closing
Dec 20 2021
1 hr 14 mins
Zoe Weil on Education, Creating Solutionaries to Solve World Problems, and Systems Thinking | Evolve 069
Want the shownotes & resources delivered to your inbox? Subscribe at evolvepodcast.substack.comZoe Weil is the co-founder and president of the Institute for Humane Education (IHE), and is considered a pioneer in the comprehensive humane education movement that works to create a peaceful, healthy, and just world for all people, animals, and the environment through education. Zoe is a frequent keynote speaker at educational, animal protection, environmental and other conferences and has given six TEDx talks including her acclaimed talk, “The World Becomes What You Teach”, which became one of the 50 top-rated TEDx talks within a year of its video release. She is the author of seven books including "The World Becomes What We Teach: Educating a Generation of Solutionaries;" Nautilus silver medal winner "Most Good, Least Harm," Moonbeam gold medal winner "Claude and Medea," and "Above All, Be Kind."As a special treat, Zoe and I also got to chat with Andra Yeghoian, Environmental Literacy and Sustainability Coordinator, about her work in San Mateo County implementing Zoe's philosophy in 23 school districts serving 113,000 students.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODEWhy we must educate students to solve the worlds most pressing problemsHow to change the education system at scaleHow an entire county of 23 schools districts is creating 113,000 SolutionariesHow to face extremely difficult challenges like solving the education crisisStep by step how to identify the root of a problem and begin creating a solutionand much more...Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/69The Evolve podcast is produced by Plato University and is a member of the  Social Good Media NetworkTIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Introduction(01:38) - Zoe's Mission with the Institute for Humane Education(01:59) - Why our current education system's goal is insufficient(05:03) - How an educator in San Mateo county experiences these problems(07:58) - Why education is the root of all other systems(11:11) - What's at stake if we don't fix education(14:28) - What is a Solutionary(17:05) - Step by step of how to think like a Solutionary(24:11)  - Why San Mateo County implemented this philosophy(29:18) - How to implement a Solutionary curriculum(33:11) - The results of implementing this curriculum in San Mateo County(37:35) - Is it right to expose kids to global issues(44:19) - The pushback educators experience when implementing curriculum(50:27) - What is a Solutionary Fair(52:55) - How effective is this solution at solving the education crisis(57:03) - How Zoe started the Institute for Humane Education(1:01:10) - How to change education at scale(1:03:41) - How to face extremely tough challenges(1:10:44) - Call to Action(1:11:37) - How to push the world to evolve
Dec 13 2021
1 hr 12 mins
How to Solve the Education Crisis  | Evolve Research Documentary
Want the shownotes & resources delivered to your inbox? Subscribe at evolvepodcast.substack.comDespite the transformation of our world in every context, education has not updated it's models to address the needs our current world. Education has failed to fulfill it's purpose in helping each student thrive individually and helping to better humanity as a collective. But how do we solve the education crisis? In this episode we uncovered the outdated practices and systems keeping education from fulfilling its purpose and the building blocks that can be used to develop new models of education that will properly prepare students for solving our worlds most pressing problems. EXPERTS FEATURED Zoe Weil, Co-founder and President of the Institute for Humane Education, author of The World Becomes What We Teach Carla Marschall & Elizabeth Crawford, co-authors of Worldwise Learning Raya Bidshahri, Founder and CEO of the School of Humanity Victoria Ransom, Founder and CEO of Prisma Vriti Saraf, Founder and CEO of K20 Educators KEY TAKEAWAYSThe traditional framework of schooling has multiple elements that are contributing to the scope of the problem: curriculum, isolated disciplines, focus on external motivators, division by age groups, and restrictive boundaries of formal institutions.If the education crisis is not addressed, our society faces large consequences such as an $8.5 trillion dollar skills gap by 2030.The education lies at the root of all other systems including but not limited to the economic system, the political system, the energy system, the transportation system, the legal system and the healthcare systemIf we want to solve the education crisis, we must address other systems outside of education that influence it including all stakeholders, higher education, and money and resource allocation.The building blocks for solutions include: connecting curriculum to real challenges, connecting curriculum to personal interests, developing the entire student, taking an interdisciplinary approach, online-learning, cultivating student relationships, engage learners in application of knowledge, and using competency based assessment.Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/research/educationTIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Introduction(03:16) - What is the purpose of education?(05:54) - What is the root problem of the education crisis?(07:58) - How this problem personally effects students(09:25) - Scope of the problem: What are we learning?(12:34) - Scope of the problem: Why are we learning this?(15:27) - Scope of the problem: How are we learning?(19:10) - Scope of the problem: Where is learning happening?(19:35)  - What's at stake if we don't solve the education crisis?(26:07) - What other stakeholders and influences like higher education or resource allocation, should we consider?(33:54) - How does education regulation present an obstacle to solving this problem?(40:11) - Summary of the problem(42:06) - What traditional education does well(44:06) - Solution 1: Institute for Humane Education and Creating Solutionaries(54:19) - Solution 2: Worldwise Learning(1:05:16) - Solution 3: School of Humanity(1:13:47) - Solution 4: Prisma(1:20:50) - Other Solutions briefly mentioned(1:22:42) - Summary of the solutions(1:25:07) - Closing wisdom from our experts
Dec 6 2021
1 hr 31 mins
Celine Halioua on Solving Longevity, Building Biotech, and Going from Academia to Startups  | Evolve 068
Celine Halioua is the CEO and Founder of Loyal, a biotech startup developing drugs to extend dog lifespan. BUT with a twist! If this life-extension research and drug development works for canines, her theory is that it could lead to breakthroughs for the rest of us humans for age related diseases! Previously, she held various roles at The Longevity Fund, an early stage venture capital fund investing in companies developing therapeutics to treat aging. Celine has a technical background in neuroscience and gene therapy. She holds a B.Sc. in neuroscience from the University of Texas at Austin and was a D.Phil. student at Oxford University. She worked in the laboratories of Dr. Evan Snyder at the Sanford-Burnham-Prebys Medical Discovery Institute on novel enteric neuron disease therapeutics, and of Dr. Richard Morrisett and Dr. Keith Stevenson at The University of Texas at Austin on the development of novel silver-nanocluster neuronal tracers for applications in neuropharmacology.WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODEWhy cracking the code on a dog's can fix human age related diseasesWhat's wrong with the longevity fieldHow to go from academia to startupsThe real mental and emotional challenges of being a founderHow to think about sacrifice, personal responsibility, and your own mortalityand much more...Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/68TIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Podcast Recommendation - #impact with Regina Larko(00:43) - Introduction(02:17) - Celine's Mission For Better Medicine and Healthcare(04:40) - Why dog longevity to fix human illness(07:11) - Why Celine cares so much about longevity(09:39) - What's wrong with the longevity field(11:57) - What does longevity actually look like(14:04) - What is Loyal for dogs and what is it creating(18:33)  - How Celine wants to inspire other biotech founders(20:25) - How to manage senior talent as a young founder(21:59) - How to go from academia to startups(26:25) - The first step for creating a biotech company(28:00) - Mental models, self awareness, and emotional challenges as a found(34:12) - Sacrifice and personal responsibility(35:32) - Are we all delaying our own mortality(36:35) - Call to Action(37:24) - How to push the world to Evolve
Nov 15 2021
39 mins
Claire Schmidt on Making All Voices Heard in a Safe Workplace, Combatting Bias and Harassments, & Founder Challenges | Evolve 067
Claire Schmidt is the CEO and Founder of AllVoices: A technology platform that enables employees to anonymously report bias, discrimination or sexual harassment to their company's leadership. By equipping companies with transparent data, leadership teams can actively work to improve their culture and move towards a more equal and just workplace. Prior to founding AllVoices, Claire served as Vice President of Technology and Innovation at Fox, the Senior Director of Giving at Thrive Market, as well as the Director of Programs at Thorn. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODEHow company culture has been changed by MeToo, BLM, COVID, and remote workWhy anonymous reporting helps create a psychologically safe and decent workplaceHow to have a compassionate conversation without having to agree with the other side or even like themThe skills you need to start a career in social impactHow to quickly became an expert in any domain & surround yourself with mentorsWhy you should raise more money for your startup in your pre-seed than you thinkand much more...Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/67 TIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Podcast Recommendation - Startups for Good with Miles Laster(00:43) - Introduction(02:09) - Claire's Mission(02:23) - What Problems inside the Workplace?(05:05) - Why do Whistleblower Hotlines and Culture Surveys Not Address the Issue?(07:19) - How has MeToo, COVID, and BLM Changed Company Culture?(08:46) - What is the State of The Workplace in 2021?(11:23) - What About Remote Work?(12:24)  - What is a Psychologically Safe and Decent Workplace?(13:56) - What is AllVoices and How Does It Help?(20:16) - Why Anonymity is Important(25:05) - A Unique Benefit Available to Any Employee in Any Company(29:41) - How Effective is AllVoices?(32:24) - How Claire Builds Culture in AllVoices as CEO(36:34) - What Work Still Needs Done in This Space?(38:40) - How Claire Started Her Social Impact Career & The Skills She Learned(42:47) - How to Quickly Became An Expert In Any Domain(44:24) - How to Surround Yourself with Expert Mentors(47:06) - Why Claire Quit Her Successful Career to Start AllVoices(49:25) - How Claire Made Life Changing Decisions in the Beginning of AllVoices(52:32) - Why You Should Raise More Money Than You Think in Your Pre-Seed(56:03) - Why You Must Separate Your Identity From Your Startup(58:04) - The Future of Company Culture(1:00:51) - Call to Action(1:02:29) - How To Push The World To Evolve
Nov 1 2021
1 hr 4 mins
Rodney Campbell & Keith Richardson on Compassionate Conversations to Heal Society, Discussing Tough Topics, & Podcasting as a Social Experiment | Evolve 066
Rodney Campbell & Keith Richardson are Co-Founders of More In Common and creators of the More In Common Podcast, a social experiment to prove that we have more in common than that which divides us and prove its beneficial to have conversation with people of disparate points of view. On their podcast they explore a variety of tough and controversial topics such as  race, politics, mental health, child abuse, parenting, and many others with guests ranging from Kristen Bell to Jason Primrose. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS EPISODEWhy we currently have so much disconnection and divide among people in our societyWhy conversation is one of the foundational skills that underlies all other problemsHow to have a compassionate conversation without having to agree with the other side or even like themThe power of podcasting to effect othersHow to talk about controversial topicsand much more...Full show notes, transcripts, and resources can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/66 TIMESTAMPS(00:00) - Introduction(01:02) - Rodney & Keith's Mission(01:39) - Why Compassionate Conversation is a Metaskill?(05:06) - How Evolution has Influenced Conversation(09:54) - How Lack of Connection has Increased Loneliness and Depression(15:29) - Self Awareness and Conversations(19:11) - What is a Companionate Conversation and How Does It Feel?(27:15)  - What it the M.O.R.E. Approach?(31:48) - Why Did Rodney & Keith Start a Podcast to Demonstrate Compassionate Conversations?(35:49) - How has the Podcast Changed Lives?(39:53) - How To Help Others Open Up to Vulnerability(42:36) - Rodney & Keith's First Discussions about Controversial Topics(53:11) - Labels of Others and Us vs. Them(59:04) - What They are Teaching Their Children About Human Connection(1:03:20) - Call to Action(1:05:04) - How To Push The World To Evolve
Oct 11 2021
1 hr 8 mins
Andrea Malone on Education to Dismantle Oppression, Finding One's Self, and Liberating Society | Evolve 065Sidney Haitoff on Affordable Healthcare without Insurance, Disrupting the Healthcare Industry, & Building a Marketplace | Evolve 064Jaison Morgan on Incentives to Change The World, $100M Challenges, & Cooperation vs Competition | Evolve 063
Jul 19 2021
59 mins
Moe Abbas on Apprenticeships for Economic Mobility, Building Marketplaces, & Education | Evolve 062
Moe Abbas is Co-Founder and CEO of Acadium, an apprenticeship marketplace on a mission to accelerate economic mobility by making access to a new career accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Acadium started with the belief that anyone, anywhere, should be able to get the skills and experience they need to start their career without barriers like price, schedule, or location getting in their way.  Acadium has raised $1M from top angel investors, and it has launched more careers in digital marketing than any other platform to date. The company has been featured in Forbes as one of the leading companies building the bridge to remote employment. And the best part, it is completely free for the students and apprentices.Moe went from a poor, refugee family and selling chocolate bar at 10 years old to help support his family, to founding or co-founding over a dozen startups which over the last 10 years have employed thousands, in industries ranging from real estate, construction, web development, marketing and mobile applications. In his early 20's he was Co-Founder of Ottawa General Contractors which In 5 years, he led the group from doing deals in a Starbucks into Canada’s leading residential design build company with 20 million in sales and design centers across the country.Full show notes and worksheets can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/62What You Will Learn In This Episode:Why an apprenticeship is more effective at creating careers than traditional higher educationHow one Acadium apprentice switched careers and doubled her income in 3 months for freeA scrappy funnel growth hack validate your marketplace ideaWhy supply and demand liquidity is important when building a two-sided marketplaceHow to determine a revenue model for your startupHow to decide between horizontal and vertical growth in your business
Jun 21 2021
58 mins
Turi Munthe on The Wikipedia of Opinion, Saving Democracy From Polarization, & Building Media Startups | Evolve 061
Turi Munthe is the founder of Parlia, the encyclopedia of opinion. Turi is a media entrepreneur, venture partner, former journalist, author, and political analyst who is on a mission to empower civil discourse by mapping the entirety of the worlds opinions on one platform. So far, they have 5,000 members who have voted over 150,000 times 1500 opinions and 5,000 arguments all aimed at helping each other understand one another better on the issues most important to our time.And who better to discover how the world thinks, than this founder who has dogged bullets in the middle east and attacks of his ideas in the board room. He began his career writing for magazines like The Economist, The Nation, & The TLS, published a Reader on Saddam Hussein, covered the 2nd Gulf War as a journalist, and eventually launched the Beirut Review of Books, a joint venture with the Lebanese Daily Star and The International Herald Tribune.In 2007, he jumped into the tech game as cofounder of Demotix which was as a grassroots news wire, providing freelance reporters and photojournalists around the world with a platform to share their stories and images with the world’s media. Demotix won numerous awards for innovation in media both in the US and UK, and built a giant network of 75,000 photojournalists around the world before selling to Bill Gates’ Corbis Corporation in 2012.Full show notes and worksheets can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/61What You Will Learn In This Episode:Why business can be more effective at solving social issues at scale than non-profitsTrade-offs social entrepreneurs have to make to purpose before profitHow we humanize other's opinions and how they are not that different than yoursWhy your opinions are arbitrary and don't really belong to youThe 3 ways to stop polarizationHow to build a self sustaining community of crowdsourced information like Wikipedia
Jun 7 2021
1 hr 4 mins
Stephen Kosslyn on Building Education Startups, Active Learning, & The Future of Education | Evolve 060
Stephen Kosslyn is the founder of Active Learning Sciences & Foundry College. Stephen is a serial founder, psychologist, neuroscientist, and expert on the science of learning with over a 40 year career in transforming education. After having written or co-authored 15 books, publishing more than 300 papers, receiving numerous awards, and being a center director at Stanford and a dean at Harvard, this brilliant researcher jumped at the opportunity to put his ideas into practice by becoming the founding dean and chief academic officer of Minerva, a startup to reinvent American higher education.  However this ambitious educator wanted to help more learners at an even larger scale. So he went on to become founder and chief academic officer of Foundry College, which was recently named a Top 100 Ed Tech company in North America. This online two-year college is designed to help working adults develop skills and knowledge that will not be automated in the foreseeable future.  Within the midst of the 2020 global pandemic and the need for online education, he published a new book Active Learning Online: Five Principles that Make Online Courses Come Alive and started Active Learning Sciences, as he realized the best way to fulfill his mission in life is not to teach students directly, but to help others to use the science of learning to design new, cutting-edge educational programs and courses.Full show notes and worksheets can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/60What You Will Learn In This Episode:How to turn years of research into a startupHow to scale successful solutionsThe 5 principles of active learningOpportunities for entrepreneurs in education
May 24 2021
1 hr 9 mins
Emily Kennedy on AI Technology for Good, Turning University Research Into a Startup, & Sex Trafficking | Evolve 059
Emily Kennedy is Co-Founder & President of Marinus Analytics. Emily went form college researcher to tech founder helping thousands of victims in the $99 billion black market industry of sex trafficking, forced labor and slavery. What started off as a college research thesis on human trafficking turned into an internationally recognized AI and machine learning technology to identify and locate victims trafficking sold online and dismantle organized criminal networks.  In their seven years of operation, they've assisted over 2,500 law enforcement and nonprofit users analyze over 400 million records to date. Their technology is 60 times faster than manual identification and saved law enforcement over 70,000 hours of investigative time in 2020 alone. To continue their impact of solving society's most pressing problems, they've applied their technology to include human services and cyber fraud. And in early 2021, they were announced as a finalist in the IBM Watson AI X PRIZE, which is a $3 million competition to build artificial intelligence for good.Full show notes and worksheets can be found here: evolvethe.world/episodes/emily-kennedyWhat You Will Learn In This Episode:How to take university research and turn it into a startupHow to secure early stage funding without taking venture capitalHow to grow your customer base in early stagesHow to attract passionate and skilled talent to a mission driven startupHow to set boundaries as a founderHow to be a thermostat, and not a thermometerIf you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than 60 seconds, and it really makes a difference in helping to convince hard-to-get guests. I also love reading the reviews!
May 10 2021
1 hr 16 mins