007: Doing It Your Way with Dr. Erika Brown


Aug 10 2021 • 29 mins

In this episode Dr. Erika shares how a reality check helped her fully step into the CEO role of her business. Listen to how she broke up with busyness to pursue productivity and how she’s adopted self-care as a foundational business strategy.

More about Dr. Erika: she is a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, Author, Podcast Host, Speaker, and Founder of Dr. Erika by Design. She loves helping other women live more authentically and break the labels that bind them. Dr. Erika is passionate about the logistics of event planning and her type A personality makes her a perfect match for helping solopreneurs that don’t enjoy getting into the weeds of planning.

If trying to create a successful business is driving you crazy - go to drerikabydesign.com to download Dr. Erika’s 12 Mistakes to Avoid resource and learn how to move forward.

Feeling overwhelmed? Schedule a connection call with La’Vista at lavistajones.com - you have the capacity to fulfil the vision and take care of the visionary and she wants to show you how to do both.