006: The Importance of Being Proactive with Ayanna Brandon


Jul 27 2021 • 33 mins

In this episode Ayanna shares how being reactive in business was keeping her from enjoying life on her own terms. Listen to her #bossformation, comprised of listening to her mentors, building a team and focusing on systems.

More about Ayanna: she is a Designer for Reyone International utilizing her engineering career experience in a way that allows her to work with clients to provide 2D & 3D designs tailored to their needs. Using AutoCAD and other software, Ayanna is able to prepare wiring diagrams, layouts, blueprints and more. An advocate for getting the most out of Landscape designs, Ayanna sees an opportunity in the Landscaping industry that integrates peaceful spaces to provide natural environments for relaxation.

She is a native of Atlanta, GA and served in the Air Force Security Forces Police for 8 years. After serving on active duty, she decided to follow her dream of playing college basketball and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. In 2010 she graduated receiving a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology from Southern Polytechnic State University and relocated to Phoenix, Arizona a year later.

As a mentor and youth volunteer for Future Stars, Ayanna continues to advocate for women and minorities in STEM throughout the Greater Phoenix, AZ area.

If you’re listening, you might be feeling a certain kind of way and updating and owning your inside and outside space may help, be sure to follow Reyone International on social media for design tips.

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