#49. Redefining the Future of Work with Katie Augsburger #EmployeeExperience

Business Over Beer

Oct 9 2020 • 1 hr 6 mins

This week on Business Over Beer, we welcome Katie Augsburger back to the program. Katie started her business around the same time that she got divorced, which can be a tricky thing, especially for women whose feelings of security are built up in their relationship, combined with the narrative we have about what a woman's role is. But Katie took the leap, she broke those feelings apart and realized that she could do big bold things. Now she is a successful employee experience strategist and Partner at Future Work Design, helping organizations to design a better workplace for all.


In this episode:

  • What from the outside looks risky or adventurous, internally can actually be more calculated and planned.
  • Katie does not see herself as this big time entrepreneur, which is often times glamorized in this country, but sees herself more simply as a mom that has a vision of how work should be.
  • If you change work you can change the world.
  • We do not think of work as a designed system, we think of work as "just how it is", but work has been designed, and designed with a very specific employee in mind.
  • When spaces are perfectly designed for you, you don't even realize they're designed, but if your body does not fit the way it was designed, you feel it immensely.
  • Redesigning work is more than merely hiring for diversity. The problem is that while companies want diversity, they often times want the diverse groups to behave and show up the same way as people they already have.
  • We have normalized certain behaviors, like assertiveness or hypercompetitiveness, and have deemed others, such as crying, as unprofessional. What emotions are acceptable and which ones are not, and how gendered is that line?
  • Human Resources as a profession is rooted in oppression, building the company up and hold its employees down, and it's up to those now in the profession to understand that, own it and work to undo it.
  • So much of the discussion about the future of work is about technology, but the future of work must also be about people and reimagining how people show up at work.

Guest Beer:

2 Towns Ciderhouse - Corvalis, OR

Good Limes Roll, Agave Lime Cider, 5.6% ABV

"Fresh & Tangy, let the Good Limes Roll with this easy-drinking cider crafted with fresh-pressed apples, key lime & organic blue agave. This lime-ited release is sure to help make your next summertime adventure your best one yet!"

Angie's Mystery Beer:

No-Li Brewhouse - Spokane, WA

Wrecking Ball, Imperial Stout, 9.5% ABV, 50 IBU

"A complex, tasty monster of a stout that perfectly captures our no-boundaries approach. Wrecking Ball swings heavy with five types of dark-roasted malt for delicious coffee, chocolate and brown sugar notes. Two large hop additions bring that substantial maltiness back in check, delivering a big, beautifully balanced beast of a beer."

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