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Embrace your age and share your wisdom. The Wendi Cooper Show is edited and designed for your listening pleasure from full-length interviews. It features an array of remarkable people over 50 whose interviews are then transformed into a story for your listening pleasure. Guests include authors, activists, actors, Influencers, rock and roll stars, singer-songwriters, psychic mediums, spiritual leaders, CEOs, filmmakers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Theme Music by: Tom Orsi Produced, Narrated and Edited by: Wendi Cooper Copyright 2022 C Spot Run Productions All rights reserved. read less

Episode 50 The AfterLife Frequency w Mark Anthony JD, Medium
Oct 5 2021
Episode 50 The AfterLife Frequency w Mark Anthony JD, Medium
The AfterLife Frequency, since the original recording of this story view, has now reached Best Seller status! (11/6/21) original interview conducted on 9/8/21. "Compelling evidence of what happens after death, spiced with heartwarming and hair-raising stories."  - Dr. Bruce Greyson, University of Virginia, Founder of IANDS Mark Anthony is the author of Evidence of Eternity, Never Letting Go, and now THE AFTERLIFE FREQUENCY.   This story view is an edited edition of a full-length 1.5 hour interview conducted on Zoom, it has been designed for your listening pleasure.   World-renowned psychic medium and Oxford-educated attorney Mark Anthony bridges the divide between faith and science in this fascinating afterlife exploration, taking you around the globe, from the cosmic to the subatomic, and into the human soul itself. Combining physics, neuroscience, and riveting true stories, this book: Reveals how our “electromagnetic soul” is pure eternal energy that never diesTakes spirit communication, near-death experiences, and deathbed visions out of the shadows of superstition and into the light of 21st-century sciencePresents Anthony’s RAFT technique to recognize contact with spirits, accept it as real, feel it without fear, and trust in the experienceProvides hope for recovery from grief, PTSD, survivor’s guilt, or a loved one’s suicide or homicide Illuminates how contact with spirits is a powerful instrument of healing and love. Quotes:  "Utterly fascinating!  Describes the very mysteries of life and death, electromagnetics, karma, heaven and hell in ways no one else does."  - Dr. P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. "Provides healing for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual suffering." - Dr. Pim van Lommel, NDE Research Scientist. Theme music by: Orsi Digital Post Edited and designed:  Wendi Cooper Hosted by:  Wendi Cooper Bed Music:  Courtesy of Early Avril - Unicorn Heads No.7 Alone With My Thoughts - Esther Abrami Produced by C Spot Run Productions, all rights reserved.
Episode 49  John Teng PE, MSCE |  Author and Founder of LIVXTRA
Jun 20 2021
Episode 49 John Teng PE, MSCE | Author and Founder of LIVXTRA
JOHN J. TENG, PE, MSCE - Story-view will touch your heart!  John J. Teng is the author of 'Hero Mindset', a book that provides a 'map' to help reframe the challenges of one's midlife as an epic Hero's Journey instead of a greek tragedy, and is the Founder of LIVXTRA, a digital publication that inspires men and women to live their lives to the very max! After a long a beautiful conversation with John, I created this 20 minute story-view.  I hope you will be entertained, inspired, and brings your life value.    The storyview TM is a condensed personal retrospective from the Author, so I included a more detailed explanation here of the book. The Hero Mindset will help shift your perspective from being that of a “victim of circumstance” when traumatic difficulties arise, to instead realizing that your challenges can represent the beginning of an epic hero’s journey that you can embark upon. To accomplish this, the Hero Mindset will provide you with a very powerful yet simple-to-understand “map” that will help safely guide you through the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your life, avoid the potential pitfalls that still lay in front of you, and arrive at the most meaningful and fulfilling “destinations” you could ever have dreamed possible! o Midlife Myths that trip people up, and how to reframe your midlife years powerfully. o Finding Balance and staying sane while keeping so many 'plates in the air' such as one's romantic relationship, children, social life, physical health, finances, peace of mind, and more! o Sex, and how it can be as good if not better than when you were younger! o Cosmetic Procedures, and if they're just the product of a midlife crisis, or a way to keep one's self-image high! o Controlling Your Power, and what John calls 'The Hot Zone', where those in their midlife years can get themselves into dangerous situations (re: affairs, abusing subordinates, etc) where they risk all that they've worked so hard to achieve... and how to avoid them. o Making Changes personally or professionally by taking stock of where you are in your life, where you want to go, choosing a destination, and causing a Midlife Transformation! o Powerfully reframing common midlife transitions such as Unfulfilled Expectations, Longing to be Young Again, and Health and Body Changes. You can find John's book on Amazon and in Kindle Format, which I highly recommend.   Amazon   Connect with me on LinkedIN ClubHouse:  @WendiCooper GreenRoom: @TheWendiCooperShow Find me also on Racket!
Episode 48 Dr. Laura Capina, PhD., 8 Forms of Vitamin E- Synerchii
Jun 6 2021
Episode 48 Dr. Laura Capina, PhD., 8 Forms of Vitamin E- Synerchii
Everything you ever needed to know about EPA, DHA, OMEG 3, and the 8 forms of vitamin E - and the most delicious tasting liquid Life Force on the planet earth.   This is not a paid ad or endorsement. Story-view:   This episode was recorded in March 2021.  This is an edited version of over a 1.2 hour zoom interview.   There are a few glitches, but ignore them as what Dr. Laura Capina has to say will change your life.    SYNGERY.COM COUPON CODE COOPER15   Dr. Laura Capina goal is to heal and transform the physical body, elevate mental, emotional and spiritual states so we can BE in a state of joy, peace and love. With a passion of life-long learning she is well-versed in the newest and most leading-edge approaches to holistic medicine. PhD in Oriental MedicineMaster of Science, Acupuncture & Chinese MedicineBachelor of Science, Holistic Science Certified NutritionistEngaging and Academic SpeakerCalifornia Licensed Acupuncturist and HerbalistQuantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) PractitionerCertified in Advanced Clinical Internship Program in Chinese MedicineZhejiang Chinese Medical University, ChinaCertified in Plant-Based NutritionCertified in Anatomy and NeurobiologyLevel 2 Certification in Vitality, Stress & Conscious CommunicationKundalini Yoga Teacher Born and raised in Latvia, a country unbridled in its wholefood cuisine fresh from the forest's, meadow's and the Baltic Sea from which inspired her most recent project The Viking Diet, Dr. Laura Capina spent her early years enjoying a healthy lifestyle.  Dr. Laura Capina shares her wisdom, her knowledge and her vast and varied experience all culminating in the creation of Synerchii! Clubhouse:  @wendicooper
Episode 46 Rabbi Steve Leder, Author of The Beauty In What Remains StoryView
Apr 19 2021
Episode 46 Rabbi Steve Leder, Author of The Beauty In What Remains StoryView
Steve Leder, Rabbi & Author of The Beauty In What Remains , How our greatest fear becomes our greatest gift. Penguin Random House 2021 Available on Audible, read by the author. Rabbi Leder is a regular contributor and guest on The Today Show, writes regularly for TIME,, Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper, contributed a chapter to Charles Barkley’s book Who’s Afraid of a Large Black Man? I listened on audible to The Beauty of What Remains as I drove to visit my 92 year old father and discuss his wishes for his Advance Consent.  It was surreal as I felt an immediate connection.   The most important document there is and the most ignored.   It was my task out of my 6 siblings, because I am the only one that isn't afraid to die. My father said, "I'm not afraid to die ya know, I"m not..." I said. "Nor am I Dad, nor am I."   I believe this story-view could very well change your life in 23 minutes, edited from a 45 minute Zoom call where we discussed many things, some very personal for both of us.   This is edited, narrated and designed for your listening pleasure - it is not another boring interview, it's a storyView! Please share with someone you feel needs to hear this beautiful message of learning to live even while staring at death. Maria Shrivers says, "The wisdom Steve Leder shares in this moving book is an essential part of living a beautiful and meaningful life.  Read it and feel inspired." @Steve_Leder Twitter Produced by:  C Spot Run Productions Edited, Narrated, Designed and Hosted by:  Wendi Cooper Music by:  Tom Orsi.  ClubHouse @wendicooper
Episode 45 From Muck to Magic with Wendi Knox - Author Artist Uplifter
Feb 22 2021
Episode 45 From Muck to Magic with Wendi Knox - Author Artist Uplifter
Wendi Knox is an author, artist and uplifter - she inspires others to rise up out of the muck and find the light.   I have never met someone that I had so much in common with...Wendi with an "I", a fellow Pisces, a past Creative Director, and a career in Advertising, and a pet named Blossom. This is a 15 minute story view from a very open 1.5 hour conversation  - I do hope you enjoy the "view".   Wendi Knox writes, "My soul longed for something more. Unexpectedly, I was forced to find it when I lost my big fat job at 50. Sobbing in my backyard, I asked The Universe, “Am I too old to reinvent myself? Please give me a sign.” I went for a walk and came home to find my yard filled with hundreds of red dragonflies. I learned that dragonflies spend most of their lives crawling at the bottom of a pond. And in the muck, they grow their magical wings. Their story helped transform mine. And inspired me to rise up and find the gifts in my struggles — from losing my job to almost losing my child to addiction." From Muck To Magic is a one-of-a-kind inspirational book. With heart, art and humor, it takes you on a poetic journey from self-doubt to self-love. Within its colorful pages is a powerful blueprint for transformation. And an invitation for us all to rise up from our personal muck to bring our own unique magic into a world that has never needed it more. The book is wonderful for all ages! 20% Discount Code: MAGIC  ClubHouse @wendicooper Music by:  Tom Orsi Editing and Narration by:  Wendi Cooper C Spot Run Productions All Rights Reserved
Episode 44   A Descendant of Ragnar of Lodbrok - Author Heidi Herman
Jan 25 2021
Episode 44 A Descendant of Ragnar of Lodbrok - Author Heidi Herman
I love the Viking series on TV.  There has been no other series, not even GOT, that I have enjoyed so much. Today's story view features Heidi Herman, she is the author of On with the Butter, Spread More Living onto Everyday Life.   Carry on, keep doing what you're doing, forge ahead, and keep moving.  Icelanders have a saying for it.  On with the Butter!  If you are looking for new ways to add zest to your life, and keep track, while enjoying a wonderful story of mother and daughter, One with The Butter offers a wide variety of activities and challenges, that everyone can enjoy!  This is an edited version of a full length interview of over 1.5 hours - so keep in mind that it has been designed for entertainment, but our conversation was true Viking style.  Humor, laughter, poking fun, and exploring ideas and beliefs.  Heidi is a vivacious Viking to the core and I am sure much like her Mother who lived to be 93 and was a social media influencer!   She lived life to the end like a true Viking.  Heidi laughed when she said... "Sure I'm retired, I was tired yesterday and I'm tired today."  Heidi is a direct relative of Lief Erikson, Ragnar of Lodbrok, and King Harald I the Fair Hair and the first King of Norway.  (I watched the series).  Flokie was probably an uncle.   I am not sure what' up but I did mu best on the sound design, it could get a bit odd.   If you enjoy this podcast, make sure to follow, push subscribe, and let's talk live on ClubHouse! @heidiHermanAuthor ClubHouse:  @wendicooper Stay Healthy Stay Safe Stay Home  Thanks for listening.
Episode 43  PR Expert  Julie Livingston, President of Want Leverage - NYC
Dec 1 2020
Episode 43 PR Expert Julie Livingston, President of Want Leverage - NYC
GUEST: Julie Livingston, President, WantLeverage Communications located in New York City Julie and her team of publicists specialize in helping “under the radar” businesses to get noticed through strategic communications. Specifically, she provides her clients with expert public relations counsel - so important in today’s competitive business landscape - gets her clients prime media coverage, and assists with content placement which leads to sales, partnerships, and more.  Find out how to hire a PR firm and what it takes to find your unique story for the world to hear, and reporters to care about.   Why podcasting is a great marketing tool and how it helps PR tremendously.  Also, how to tell and sell your story in the right place to get the right attention and lift your bottom line. Marketing vs. public relations - what comes first?  How are they different and how do they work together with advertising. Find the full unedited Zoom Video raw episode on Youtube  Julie Livingston can be found here:  LinkedIn:  Twitter handle is @wantleverage Facebook: Website:  You can reach me, for all your concept to consumer needs at:  Get the WantLeverage free downloadable tip sheet: “7 Tips to Establish Industry Authority”: