Things I Got Wrong at Trivia - A Pub Quiz Trivia Podcast Game Show with Friends

Things I Got Wrong

Your favorite, award-winning general trivia podcast with a healthy dose of internet and media things. Deemed, "a happy yet intellectual space", Things I Got Wrong at Trivia prides itself on creative question writing that isn’t just predicated on dates and obscure facts, but topics that are accessible to all. Clever literary clues and an unfolding narrative in many questions help bring listeners along for the ride. Unique rounds and topics such as “Silly-nonyms”, “Disney: ‘After Dark’”, “Media Math-Up Mash”, and more help create a new and always evolving game for listeners to enjoy. Hosted by Ryan Bott, Rachel Miller, and Stuart Hopkins, starting in the fall of 2018, this show has grown more than we could have ever anticipated, with listeners writing in and submitting trivia rounds from all over the world, many of which get incorporated right into the show. We have the time of our lives recording and the best feedback we can get is to hear the fun our listeners have while listening to episodes. This hard work culminated in being awarded the 2020 People’s Choice Podcast Awards winner in the Games & Hobbies category—an honor we could have never foreseen when we first started the show. Going forward, not only will we continue to provide an excellent show, we are going to be bringing on great new guests, new rounds, and innovative ideas to make it even more fun! read less