Simplifying the access to quality care | Paula Muto | Digital Health Community | EP 6

Digital Health Community by Persimmon Health

Jul 28 2022 • 1 hr 28 mins

This episode of the Digital Health Community podcast by Persimmon features a true change agent within healthcare. Paula Muto,  a practicing vascular and general surgeon, physician, entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of UBERDOC, talks about the need for ease of access in the healthcare industry.

A stalwart in the healthcare industry, Paula has a strong desire and vision to change the incumbent American healthcare system. This is why she created UBERDOC - a telehealth startup that “provides priority access to the best doctors for an affordable, transparent price.”

In this podcast, Paula shares her views on women entrepreneurs, types of business models in healthcare, how she started and scaled UBERDOC, and the challenges she faced along the way.

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