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The What Is Stoicism? Podcast

What Is Stoicism?

Using Stoic philosophy to help you (and me): LEARN from the past, PLAN for the future, LIVE in the present.

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Our Editor's Take

The What Is Stoicism? Podcast explores the lessons behind stoic philosophy. Host Allan is passionate about stoicism as a guiding philosophy for life. He believes it can help people learn from past experiences, live in the moment, and plan for the future. The series combines research from ancient philosophers and present-day experts.

Stoicism is an ancient philosophy that encourages people to focus only on things within their control. There are principles around how to make the most of life and develop resilience. Each episode explores a different aspect of the philosophy, with guided meditations. There are quick five-minute teachings, as well as more detailed explorations. These allow podcast listeners to select what works best for them at any given time.

One podcast episode focuses on "Giving Yourself Permission to Practice Philosophy." A TED Talk about allowing time to be creative inspired the host. Central to the presentation was a message about knowing oneself. Allan explains how a lot of the talk is relevant to stoicism. He believes that many people don't give themselves permission to practice it. Some aren't aware of its benefits, while others view it more as a luxury or only for intellectuals. Allan shares when he began to embrace philosophy and how it's helped him ever since.

A six-minute podcast episode discusses "What is Stoic Courage?" Allan explains its Greek origins, much of which relate to a sense of fearlessness in war. He talks about the idea being abstract and outdated. Yet, he draws elements like endurance and confidence from it. Allan then returns to the Roman stoics for more clarity. One prescribes two key characteristics. The first is there being an "indifference to outward circumstances." The other states that one's actions should be not only great and useful but also arduous and fraught with danger. How can this apply to someone's life today? Allan shares how the practice of stoic courage can help in times of adversity.

The What Is Stoicism? Podcast guides listeners through the practice of stoic philosophy. Allan shares his learnings and research of its principles throughout history. New episodes premiere every week.

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