LOCAL SEO Tricks Dentists Can Use (S2-E1)

Marketing Chairside

Feb 27 2023 • 22 mins

In today's podcast, we'll share tips and tricks dentists can use to  improve their Local SEO and Google Business Profile.

Host: Jonathan Fashbaugh
Guest: Director of Account Management, Jared Lowry.

Episode transcript excerpt:
Jonathan Fashbaugh: At the top of our list is just, like I said, a foundational thing that still is an ever-evolving piece of criteria, and that's the dentist has his or her and offices Google business profile claimed. Jared, can you tell me what a Google business profile is?

Jared Lowry: Yeah, so Google Business Profile, it used to be called Google My Business, but in the spirit of what you were just talking about, Google likes to change things on a regular basis. A Google business profile is the little profile of a business that will show up when you do Google search for a business or a category. Sometimes you'll see a little kind of business highlight there. That's called the Google Business Profile, and you have the ability to claim that, you have the ability to change the information on that if it's incorrect.

Jonathan Fashbaugh:  Yep. Changing the information, not to skip past this key point here, because the first tip is claim your Google business profile for the doctor and for the practice, because Google says you should have a profile for the practice, and then a profile for the doctor. I believe one of the reasons they do that is because things change in the real world, too. Sometimes the doctor moves on to work at a different practice, but Google feels that reviews for that doctor should go on with the doctor, because the doctor is still the same person. The practice might change. You want to claim both of those. Then, this is the second point, complete that profile and keep it updated with new information. That is something that dentists struggle with a lot, because claiming the profile is critical because your name might even be incorrect, but your information will likely change over the years. There's all sorts of pieces of information that go in those profiles. Jared, can you give us some examples of some of the profile information that we've added to our profiles for our dentists?

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