Legal Insights: HIPAA Compliance, Online Reputation, & Copyright (S2-E8)

Marketing Chairside

Nov 9 2023 • 42 mins

Welcome to another enlightening episode (S2-Ep 8) of Marketing Chairside where we sit down with Trey Lawrence, an attorney adept in unraveling the complex threads of legal issues within the dental industry—especially HIPAA compliance and marketing. This episode is a treasure trove for dentists seeking clarity on legal matters intertwined with marketing and practice management.

Episode Highlights:

Navigating Online Reviews: Learn the ins and outs of handling online reviews while staying compliant with HIPAA. Discover when to respond, how to respond, and the legal ramifications of engaging with patients publicly.

Defamation Dilemmas: Distinguish between hurt feelings and actual defamation, and find out what legal recourses you have against damaging online reviews.

Legal-Ease Your Marketing: Get practical advice on ensuring your promotional activities, like sweepstakes or referral programs, don't land you in legal hot water.

Cracking the HIPAA Code: We dig deep into the importance of encrypted communication channels, from emails to video conferencing, and how to maintain patient privacy without compromising on connectivity.

From Minors to Majors: Understand the legal shifts that occur when your minor patients come of age during treatment, and how to handle the transition smoothly and legally.

Intellectual Property Pitfalls: Uncover the complexities of copyright in the digital age and learn how to protect your practice from unintentional infringements.

Values & Takeaways: For any dentist who's ever felt more like a part-time lawyer trying to decipher legal jargon, this episode is radioactive-level-hot. With Trey's insights, you'll be equipped to:

🔍 Protect Your Practice: Avoid common legal missteps that could cost your practice time, money, and reputation.
🔍 Communicate Confidently: Engage with your patients and online community without crossing legal boundaries.
🔍 Market Smart: Promote your services with better confidence that you're following state and federal laws.

Tune in to ensure your practice isn't just thriving, but also legally compliant!

Disclaimer: This episode provides legal information, not legal advice. For inquiries specific to your practice, consult with a professional attorney.

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