Mastering Physician Referrals with Dr. Jeff Haddad! (S2-E12)

Marketing Chairside

Dec 24 2023 • 26 mins

🚀🦷 Ready to skyrocket your dental practice with physician referrals? 🦷🚀

Dr. Jeff Haddad reveals expert strategies for unlocking untapped community resources and securing vital referrals. Build relationships with physicians, educate your community, and become the go-to dentist for TMJ disorders and sleep apnea! Don't miss this transformative episode of Marketing Chairside!

Episode Highlights:

  1. Unlocking Collaboration: Dive into the power of referral tools, including pads and letters, to generate crucial referrals and educate physicians about dental treatments.
  2. Physician Education for Better Referrals: Dr. Haddad explores the importance of educating physicians on dental specialties and fostering better collaboration on TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, and more.
  3. Strategic Networking and Relationship Building: Explore practical strategies for intentional networking, team empowerment, and cultivating strong relationships with physicians and healthcare specialists.
  4. Crafting Compelling Letters and Reports: Learn the art of crafting impactful letters and progress reports, building trust with referring physicians through success stories and transparent communication.
  5. Maximizing Team Potential for Success: Understand the crucial role of your dental team in building successful referral relationships, empowering them to contribute significantly to patient care and practice growth.

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