Sleep Is Not My Passion! -Dive Back Into Dental Sleep Medicine (S2-E10)

Marketing Chairside

Dec 4 2023 • 33 mins

Sleep is not my passion!
Dive back into dental sleep medicine for success, impact and income!

Calling all dentists who've explored dental sleep medicine but may have veered away—this podcast episode is your beacon. Learn what works, what doesn't, and seize the opportunity to revolutionize patient care while elevating your practice's success on Marketing Chair Side.

Join the Marketing Chair Side Podcast by Pro Impressions Marketing Group, offering expert insights to attract more patients and expand your practice. In our recent episode, Jason Tierney from Transform Dental Sleep shares a wealth of wisdom and actionable ideas.

Jason sheds light on sustaining focus in dental sleep medicine, stressing the importance of a clear vision and effective tactical processes for success.

Explore Jason's book, 'Transform Dental Sleep,' a powerhouse of distilled wisdom and actionable strategies for practitioners and sleep champions alike. Discover insights to propel your practice forward and join the upcoming Transform Dental Sleep Symposium.

For more tailored dental marketing strategies and expert guidance, connect with Pro Impressions Marketing Group at Unlock your practice's potential and take patient care to new heights!"

To learn more about our Jason and the TDS Symposium visit and explore further details  and register for the February 2-3 event in Scottsdale, AZ visit Additionally, delve into thought-provoking blogs and written content at to gain deeper insights into Jason’s perspectives and expertise.

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