Real Life Motivation

Rachel Day & Kelda Wood

This podcast is a joint initiative with Kelda Wood from Climbing Out and Rachel Day from Flying School. We will share tools and stories on different topics each week that help you overcome challenges, build resilience and learn to fly. Our conversations are focussed on keeping it real so anyone can relate to it!
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Having 'difficult' conversations
Having 'difficult' conversationsSuffering and what it means to you!Real Life Motivation & BelongingReal Life Motivation and Self TalkReal Life Motivation After a DiagnosisIntroducing Series 3Habit 7 - The habit of renewal - 'Sharpen the Saw'Habit 6 - Creative CooperationHabit 5 - Listening to understandPause & ReflectHabit 4: Think Win:WinHabit 3 Put First things FirstHabit 2 - Begin with the end in mindHabit 1: Be ProactiveIntroducing Series 2!You & Your Anxiety - Learning to work togetherWhat does fear mean to you?Goal SettingThe Chimp ParadoxChoice, Responsibility & Values