Navigating NIL to Pro Basketball with Brevin Galloway

The Radcast with Ryan Alford

Sep 5 2023 • 30 mins

Welcome back to The Radcast! Get ready for an exciting interview with basketball sensation Brevin Galloway as he shares his extraordinary journey. From his jaw-dropping performances to his unmatched dedication, Galloway has become a prominent figure in the world of collegiate hoops. With a remarkable career behind him and endless potential ahead, Galloway is a rising star to watch in basketball. Don't pass up the opportunity to witness his incredible journey and gain valuable insights on achieving success. Tune in now!

  • Brevin discusses his basketball journey, his dad and childhood, and the lessons he learned while attending College of Charleston. (01:43)
  • Brevin discusses his experiences as a Division-1 college athlete and the importance of overcoming adversity, emphasizing that athletes should not be expected to cope with criticism and should speak up if they're feeling down. (03:19)
  • Ryan and Brevin talk about the competition between team members and opponents, transitioning from a shooter-driver to a point guard, selfless nature, success of one-year players, and realities of transferring in modern times. (07:18)
  • Brevin advises parents to allow their children to explore their talents and offers Jarrell Brantley's advice of taking today as an opportunity for life-changing moments as a way to overcome struggles. (11:35)
  • Brevin has successfully capitalized on the NCAA's passing of NIL laws, signing with a marketing agent to secure deals with Mercedes, Amazon, and Shop Gold to promote their products and receive payment and merchandise in exchange. (17:58)
  • Brevin reflects on his experiences at Clemson and Charleston University, expressing disappointment that Clemson didn't make it to March Madness but found solace in the win against Morehead State. (19:56)
  • Brevin is adjusting to life in Lithuania while leveraging the competitive opportunities present in overseas basketball to become an international celebrity. (24:22)
  • Ryan and Brevin discuss modern players, as well as their career and game. (28:57)

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