Experience Death and Rebirth Through Shamanic Breathwork with Nikólaus and Star Wolf

Breakthrough the Ordinary

Jun 13 2022 • 48 mins

Did you ever feel lost and disconnected beyond comprehension? You feel troubled to the depth of your soul. You feel restless and nothing seems to help. Whatever it is, it has taken power over you. You feel literally helpless on your knees, asking a higher power or the Great Spirit to come to your rescue. Even if that means your tattered soul has to vanish from the face of the earth and just be reborn anew and start with a clean slate so you can live in peace.

If this is you now, you may feel there isn't any conceivable hope. You have no idea how you can invite divine intervention and turn things in your favor.

The truth is you can allow yourself to step into a deep awakening and higher consciousness. It is possible to identify, through guided initiation, whatever the trauma or shadows that have been passed on from your lineage, experience death and rebirth, reclaim what your soul has lost, and have the inner wisdom to live a changed life through shamanic breathwork.

We invite you to feel hope and be enlightened in this episode of Breakthrough The Ordinary Podcast. Nikólaus And Star Wolf blend timeless wisdom with new methods of teachings and healing that fit the chaos of our modern world.

These are some highlights you shouldn’t miss:

02:21 - Linda Star Wolf’s shamanic experience of death and rebirth
07:35 - Nikólaus Wolf’s story of death and rebirth on a shamanic level
11:27 - Being grounded through interdependence with the elements and planetary forces
14:17 - Losing ground and seeking shamanic consciousness (Star Wolf)
19:09 - Death and rebirth process in relationships
21:35 - How trauma is passed on to a new generation of cells
24:14 - What is a spiritual bypass ?
26:51 - Releasing trauma and soul retrieval
32:28 - The process of activating the shamanic awareness during the healing transformation through breathwork
36:27 - Merged dynamics and sovereignty in relationship
38:48 - What are the initiation levels in SHIP (Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process)?
41:35 - What living on a soul level means
47:38 - How to use breathwork to get back to consciousness and feel better

Tune in to another impactful episode of Breakthrough The Ordinary podcast.

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About the Guest:

Star Wolf & Nikólaus are co-directors of the Venus Rising Association for Transformation and Venus Rising University. Together they lead Shamanic mystery tours and intensive training around the world.

Their practice is mainly centered on embracing shamanic consciousness and being willing to surrender to the infinite cycle of death and rebirth by Walking The Spiral Path which is embodied in their S.H.I.P. Initiations.

S.H.I.P is designed to support individuals on a path of shamanic consciousness through a six-part series of initiations that creates a sacred space for the Shamanic Breathwork Journey.

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and awaken to a life-changing experience? Explore what is possible when you open yourself up to healing at a deeper level. Check out Linda Star Wolf’s 12th book, Shamanic Breathwork: The Nature of Change.

If you are longing for a transformation that awakens your higher consciousness, then step into the Spiral Path and join Venus Rising’s premier program, S.H.I.P. - Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process happening June 2022, and be ordained as a Shamanic Minister.

The initiations will be held at their sacred temple which is blessed with abundant creatures, the Dove Mountain which is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Know more about Nikólaus and Star Wolf and their Shamanic Practice

Visit - www.Shamanicbreathwork.org

Connect with Star Wolf (Facebook): www.facebook.com/StarWolf.VR

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