Late Night Nic Cage Fight: A Nicolas Cage Appreciation Podcast

The Cagefighters

We’re a bitchin’ group of guys from Ohio who love long walks on the beach and Nicolas Cage. With nearly 50 episodes and 5000 downloads, we’ve been your lifeline to the Cinematic Cageverse since 2018. Steve, Shawn and myself (Cagefighter Reece) attempt to review EVERY Nic Cage film in existence and BATTLE over which movies are awarded eternal rest in our Bee Cage of Fame. Our winners so far are Birdy (1984), Vampire’s Kiss (1988), and Con Air (1997). While we poke some fun at Cage’s CRAZIER roles and real-life antics, we also give due credit to our favorite Oscar-winning actor who has now appeared in over 100 films -- plus you’ll hear our own personal stories and misadventures. Find us at or email us at Suffering from a Cage Overdose? Check out our sub-series within this podcast titled ”CAGELESS” where we discuss our favorite movies not featuring our lord and savior. CAGE OUT! read less
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