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The Supply Chain Doctor has made his diagnosis: Supply Chain is Boring. Can anyone prove him wrong? To find out, the doctor himself, Chris Barnes, interviews the brightest minds contributing concepts and ideas to the future of end-to-end supply management. If you’re an experienced professional, dig deeper into why you do what you do. Just starting out? Learn more about the opportunities ahead and how you can better prepare to address them. Considering a career in supply chain management? Find out about available opportunities and where you might fit. And let’s all get to the bottom of this: is supply chain boring? read less


Meeting Mr. Warehousing – An Interview Hosted by James R. Stock
Feb 4 2022
Meeting Mr. Warehousing – An Interview Hosted by James R. Stock
James R. Stock is a University of South Florida Distinguished University Professor and Frank Harvey Endowed Professor of Marketing. He has interviewed many of the greatest minds in transportation logistics, a practice area we call supply chain management today. He shared those interviewed with Chris Barnes to be republished as part of the Supply Chain is Boring program.In this interview, Stock speaks with Kenneth B. Ackerman, a well-known warehousing guru and consultant. When Ackerman was 19 years old, he was able to get a job with a trucking company owned by a family friend. From there, he went on to learn about the truck leasing business at Ryder.After getting an undergraduate degree from Princeton and a master’s degree from Harvard University, he enlisted in the Army reserves and was assigned to Water Reed Army Hospital as part of their Scientific and Professional Personnel program. Because of his advanced degree, he had the opportunity to work as a buyer, working directly for a contracting officer and buying books and office supplies.Listen in to learn more about this well-known luminary in supply chain management.Additional Links and Resources:Learn more about Supply Chain is Boring: to Supply Chain is Boring and other Supply Chain Now programs: episode was hosted by Chris Barnes. For more information, please visit our dedicated show page at: