#116 - Human Powered Teams With Emotional Intelligence - Trenton Moss

Tech Lead Journal

Jan 16 2023 • 58 mins

“Emotional intelligence is about knowing yourself, empathizing with other people, and always defining a win-win outcome in everything you do."

Trenton Moss is the founder of Team Sterka and the author of “Human Powered”. In this episode, Trenton shared the importance of having good emotional intelligence and people skills in digital product teams. He shared the 6 key skills we need to succeed as outlined in his book: conflict resolution, building strong relationships, leading and influencing, facilitation, storytelling, and outbound communications. Trenton also shared some frameworks we can use to improve some of those skills, such as PLEASE, MASTER, and LEAD frameworks. And throughout our conversation, Trenton emphasized multiple times the importance of achieving the win-win outcome in every interaction we have with each other.

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:05:37]
  • Importance of People Skills - [00:10:07]
  • Emotional Intelligence - [00:12:52]
  • 6 Key Skills - [00:20:45]
  • Win-Win Outcome - [00:22:58]
  • Conflict Resolution & PLEASE Framework - [00:24:59]
  • Improving Conflict Resolution Skill - [00:29:54]
  • Active Listening - [00:33:10]
  • Strong Relationships - [00:36:50]
  • MASTER Framework - [00:38:43]
  • Negative Behaviors - [00:45:05]
  • Leading & Influencing & LEAD - [00:48:47]
  • Over-communication - [00:51:47]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:55:36]


Trenton Moss’s Bio
Trenton is a business leader, trainer and coach who inspires everyone around him to achieve more than they think they can. His bestselling book, ‘Human Powered’, was published last year. It helps you gain all the people skills and EQ you need to succeed. He’s the founder and head coach at Team Sterka, a training and coaching business that creates high-performing teams. Previously, Trenton spent 15 years as founder and CEO at one of the UK’s first product design consultancies, Webcredible. When he’s not working, you’ll usually find him running around after his kids. Or sleeping. He loves a post-lunch power nap.

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