#119 - Becoming a Professional Agile Leader - Ron Eringa

Tech Lead Journal

Feb 6 2023 • 50 mins

“If you have self-organizing teams, your power as a leader is determined by your ability to enable others to grow and take responsibility."

Ron Eringa is a leadership developer and the co-author of “The Professional Agile Leader”. In this episode, we discussed insights from his book on how one can become a professional agile leader. Ron started by sharing his view of why agile transformations usually fail and gave advice on how companies should adopt agile in a more effective way. Ron then described characteristics of a professional agile leader, including how to apply situational leadership by understanding the 4 different leadership styles (combative, compliant, competitive, catalytic). Ron also explained how leaders can build high-performing teams by being aware of the two domains (visible & invisible) the teams are operating in and by understanding the interconnection between structure and culture. Towards the end, Ron shared his utopia view of how organizations would look like if they already become fully agile and also shared some patterns for effective leadership.

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:04:50]
  • Why Agile Transformations Fail - [00:07:47]
  • Changing to Agile Culture - [00:10:19]
  • Professional Agile Leader - [00:15:56]
  • Importance of Learning - [00:20:37]
  • 4 Leadership Styles - [00:22:56]
  • High-Performing Team - [00:27:16]
  • Visible & Invisible Domains - [00:30:05]
  • Structure & Culture - [00:32:08]
  • What Full Agile Looks Like - [00:35:41]
  • Self-Perpetuating Change - [00:38:43]
  • Effective Leadership Patterns - [00:41:34]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:47:23]


Ron Eringa’s Bio
Ron Eringa is a Leadership Developer. His mission is to create organizations where people love to work and where real customer value is created. He is realising this mission by developing Leadership on all levels in the organization: by creating autonomous and mature teams, by developing leadership in teams and at the management level, and by helping management to create an environment where teams can become autonomous. In 2022, Ron co-wrote ‘The Professional Agile Leader’ to help leaders build mature agile organizations.

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