#27 - Tech Entrepreneurship Venture From Israel to Vietnam - Doron Shachar

Tech Lead Journal

Feb 22 2021 • 48 mins

“I truly believe that what set the superstars or people who are very successful is the ability to tell to themselves to quit. Winners quit fast and quit without guilt."

Doron Shachar is an Israeli entrepreneur living in Vietnam over the past 12 years and the founder & CEO of Renova Cloud, an AWS and GCP Consulting Partner in Vietnam. In this episode, we looked at the essence of Israeli entrepreneurship as we first learned about Doron’s childhood & education in Israel and how he built valuable leadership skills throughout his years in the scouts and the army. As we unpacked the Israeli’s approach of problem-solving, risk-taking and overcoming failure, Doron then shared how he ventured into Southeast Asia and ended up staying in Vietnam. We discussed how Vietnam is evolving in terms of technology trends and adoption, including how Vietnamese businesses are adopting cloud as part of their digital transformation. Doron also shared some tips on how entrepreneurs should prepare for a successful venture into Southeast Asia.

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:05:13]
  • Entrepreneurship in Israel - [00:09:58]
  • Entrepreneurship Advice - [00:16:31]
  • Venturing to Vietnam - [00:19:25]
  • Vietnam Among Other SEA Countries - [00:27:15]
  • Vietnam Differentiators - [00:29:52]
  • Cloud Adoption in Vietnam - [00:33:23]
  • Advice to Succeed in Vietnam - [00:38:23]
  • Upcoming Trends in Vietnam - [00:41:20]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:45:04]


Doron Shachar’s Bio
Doron Shachar founded Jetview Southeast Asia in 2007 to join the fast growth and development of the Vietnamese mobile and telecom market. Under his leadership, Jetview has become a recognized agency and representative for new services and innovative technologies in the emerging Vietnamese market. In 2017, he founded Renova Cloud, an AWS and Google Cloud Consulting Partner with a highly integrated team of skilled engineers, architect and DevOps, providing services towards transition of the legacy workloads to frontline technologies in Cloud, DevOps and Automation. Doron earned a chemical engineering degree from Shenkar University in Israel and an MBA from Boston University in the US. In addition to being an active volunteer for human rights & quality government in Israel, he is also a passionate runner, swimmer, and fan of rock music history.

Follow Doron:

  • LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/doron-shachar/
  • Email – doron@renovacloud.com
  • Renova Cloud – https://renovacloud.com/?lang=en
  • Jetview SEA – http://www.jetviewseasia.com/

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