#21 - Domain-Driven Design and Event-Driven Architecture - Vaughn Vernon

Tech Lead Journal

Jan 11 2021 • 1 hr 6 mins

“Programmers have to come out of their cubicles. Innovative software development doesn’t happen with one person in a cubicle with great ideas. Because it’s not just even about code. Anybody can write code. It’s about what does the code accomplish. And if the code accomplishes something innovative, great!"

Vaughn Vernon is a leading expert in Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and reactive software development. He is well-known for his best-selling DDD books and IDDD workshops. In this episode, we discussed many things about Domain-Driven Design and Event-Driven Architecture (EDA). Apart from the fundamentals, Vaughn shared many of his insights around the two, such as why developers should learn more about DDD, the most important aspect of DDD, the benefits of EDA, eventual consistency, event storming, and event sourcing. Towards the end, Vaughn also gave a sneak peek about his new book “Strategic Monoliths and Microservices” and why he wrote it.

Listen out for:

  • Vaughn’s career journey - [00:06:44]
  • Domain-Driven Design - [00:16:47]
  • Why DDD can be expensive - [00:21:43]
  • Why developers need to know DDD - [00:23:59]
  • DDD most important thing - [00:27:15]
  • How to start with DDD - [00:30:05]
  • Event-Driven Architecture - [00:32:28]
  • Benefits of EDA - [00:36:00]
  • Eventual consistency - [00:40:13]
  • Event storming - [00:45:22]
  • Event sourcing - [00:49:13]
  • Vaughn’s new book - [00:53:09]
  • Vaughn’s 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [01:00:26]


Vaughn Vernon’s Bio
Vaughn Vernon is an entrepreneur, software developer, and architect with more than 35 years of experience in a broad range of business domains. Vaughn is a leading expert in Domain-Driven Design and reactive software development, a champion of simplicity, and he is the founder and chief architect of the VLINGO/PLATFORM. Along with his three best-selling books, Vaughn was recently commissioned by Pearson/Addison-Wesley as curator and editor of his own Vaughn Vernon Signature Series.

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