#72 - Managing SRE Toils Using AIOps and NoOps - Amrith Raj

Tech Lead Journal

Jan 17 2022 • 52 mins

“It is important to eliminate toil. If you don’t eliminate toil, you won’t have time to fix problems strategically, because strategic initiatives take precedence."

Amrith Raj is a Senior Solutions Architect at Dynatrace. In this episode, Amrith walked us through the evolution and current state of IT Operations (ITOps). He described how the ITOps role has developed over time and becoming increasingly more challenging with the increased level of infrastructure abstraction and complexity, especially in the current era of cloud and Platform-as-a-Service. In order to manage such high amount of complexity, Amrith shared the importance of having good culture and practices and touched on some important Google SRE concepts, such as toil and automation. Amrith then shared some recent ITOps advancement, i.e. NoOps and AIOps, and how we can leverage on them to improve the way we solve problems. Also, make sure you do not miss Amrith’s pro tips on how we can become a better SRE and how to use Function-as-a-Service effectively.

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:05:29]
  • Managing Cloud Capacity - [00:07:51]
  • IT Ops - [00:11:09]
  • Cloud & Abstraction - [00:16:01]
  • Culture & Toil - [00:18:54]
  • NoOps - [00:28:29]
  • AIOps - [00:31:20]
  • Tips on AWS Lambda - [00:44:16]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:48:12]


Amrith Raj’s Bio
Amrith Raj is a Senior Solutions Architect at Dynatrace, supporting the transformation journey of their highly diversified customers through automated and intelligent observability. He has authored an e-book on Cloud Capacity and has published papers related to Cloud, Data Centres and IT Infrastructure. He and members of the Cloud use cases group published a whitepaper called Moving to Cloud when Cloud Computing was too new to be adopted by companies. He has held multiple roles which involved responsibilities around leadership, engineering and operations, modernisation, cloud architecture, automation, migration and building fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure. Based in Melbourne, he is passionate about how technology can be used to transform human lives.

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