#128 - Threshold Leadership: Leading in the Age of AI - Nick Chatrath

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Apr 10 2023 • 1 hr

“The core of threshold leadership is a set of four pathways of cultivating stillness, embodying intelligence, thinking independently, and maturing consciousness."

Nick Chatrath is a leadership and organizational transformation expert and the author of “The Threshold: Leading in the Age of AI”. In this episode, Nick shared the concept of threshold leadership and explained its importance in the wake of recent AI advancements. Nick first shared some impact AI has made in our lives, both the good and the bad, and pointed out the importance of leaders taking accountability for those AI impact. Nick then shared in-depth the threshold leadership and its four pathways to help leaders be more responsible in the development and use of AI, which are cultivating stillness, thinking independently, embodying intelligence, and maturing consciousness. For each pathway, Nick shared a few tips on what we can do to improve ourselves, both at the personal level and the organization level. Towards the end, Nick closed our conversation by reminding us not to forget the two best human qualities we have compared to AI, which are love and wisdom.

Listen out for:

  • Career Journey - [00:05:17]
  • Writing a Book About AI & Leadership - [00:08:20]
  • Impact of AI - [00:10:07]
  • Leadership Responsibility - [00:15:34]
  • Threshold Leadership - [00:18:02]
  • Cultivating Stillness - [00:21:17]
  • Knowing What Matters Most - [00:24:28]
  • Organization Stillness - [00:28:01]
  • Improving Stillness - [00:30:53]
  • Thinking Independently - [00:34:00]
  • Cultivating Independent Thinking - [00:39:48]
  • Embodying Intelligence - [00:42:46]
  • Importance of Recovery - [00:45:30]
  • Organization’s Embodied Intelligence - [00:47:55]
  • Maturing Consciousness - [00:50:22]
  • Love & Wisdom - [00:53:05]
  • 3 Tech Lead Wisdom - [00:57:29]


Nick Chatrath’s Bio
Dr. Nick Chatrath is an expert in leadership and organizational transformation. A former McKinsey & Co. consultant, he now serves as managing director of the Oxford-based executive leadership firm Artesian Transformational Leadership. He holds a doctorate from the University of Oxford, and a dozen training certifications from organizations like The Leadership Circle and Hogan Assessment Systems. Previously, he co-founded the tech startup Coachify and the social reform advocacy group The Shaftsbury Partnership Ltd. A bestselling author, his most recent book is The Threshold: Leading in the Age of AI. He is an avid cook and triathlete.

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