Episode 20: Episode 20: Owning Your Value with Neha Sampat

On a Mission

Jan 24 2021 • 57 mins

Today we’re talking to Neha Sampat. She is the Chief Executive Officer , founder, coach, and consultant at GenLead|BelongLab, where she focuses on building belonging and true inclusion. She is an expert on Imposter Syndrome and internalized bias, generational diversity, and BELONGING. “Cool, Molleen. How do you know her?” The short answer is that we were introduced by a neighbor - we live in the same city… now. And it turns out - we lived in the same city 30 years ago when we were both growing up in Naperville, a large suburb of Chicago. We didn’t know each other then, but connecting about our “Naperville experiences” is an illustration of the impact of belonging. Spoiler alert: her experience as a brown-skinned child of recent immigrants from India and *my* experience as a white-skinned Irish-looking girl with two U.S.-born parents were a LOT different. It’s all about belonging and not-belonging - a subject upon which Neha is now a professional expert. She is a belonging strategist and offers her skills to companies about how to foster cultures of belonging in their workplaces AND she works with individuals to coach them in finding belonging at work, at home, and - most importantly, she says - within themselves. You are going to love her practical advice for unearthing your own power, her encouragement to go deep with your emotional courage, and how to foster communities of inclusion wherever you find yourself. Listen in.

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