Episode 17: A Queer Catholic Experience with Zinzy Nev Geene

On a Mission

Nov 16 2020 • 41 mins

Zinzy Nev Geene is a Dutch queer Catholic activist and facilitator. She lives in Amsterdam where she has a day job as a digital designer and, on the side, she fosters safe places for queer people to “just be.” She calls it being a queer facilitator. She is on the board of the emerging organization Vine and Fig co, a online space for queer Catholics to find support along their spiritual journeys.

We talk about what ‘queer’ means. We talk about a lot of Catholic stuff, including novenas and uncomfortable pews. You don’t want to miss what she observes about Christianity on Pinterest and the authentic reality of Christianity in our lived human experiences.

* trigger warning: there is some talk in this episode about violence done to queer people in the world.

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