Episode 32: Episode 32: Catholic Climate Covenant with Anna Robertson

On a Mission

Oct 11 2021 • 42 mins

You know how sometimes you hear someone talk about climate change… global warming, the island of plastic in the ocean, the destruction of forests around the globe, all that stuff and you feel just so weighed down, guilty, and well, hopeless? Get ready for a hope firehose…Anna Robertson is the Director of Youth and Young Adult Mobilization for Catholic Climate Covenant. The Covenant is an arm of the United States Catholic Bishops whose mission is to help Catholics respond to the Church’s call to care for creation and care for the poor.

Anna tells us how Catholic Climate Covenant can help you connect to transformative work in your neighborhood and offer resources for your already existing group. She also points out that so often we are told what to say “no” to when it comes to climate change, wait til you hear what she says we need to say ‘yes’ to. Bottom line is this: you are not the only one who has hoped to be more responsive to the climate crisis and has felt like your efforts are not adding up to much. Anna is about to lay down some practical and mystical ways to be present to the pace of nature, be attentive to the movements of God, and find what she calls ‘credible hope’ in the midst of this climate-related mess.

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