Episode 23: Episode 23: A Wild and Precious Life with Emily Win

On a Mission

Feb 15 2021 • 48 mins

**Trigger warning: we talk about sexual violence in this episode; listen with caution.**

Emily Win is a writer and podcaster who is navigating so many intersections. She’s a queer person, a person of faith, and a person of color. And now she’s a Californian too! I came to know about her through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. It’s a volunteer program in the United States and a few other countries where folks learn how to live lives devoted to community, simple living, spirituality, and social justice. Anyway, she recently gave a presentation for JV alumni entitled "What do the Mass and queer poetry have to do with one another?" And I was like - I need to get this person on the podcast.

She has incredible insights on the transformation of a primarily male image of God to that of a female image of God. You’ll love hearing about how coming out helped her feel closer to God, what she learned during her Jesuit Volunteer year, and see if you resonate with what she has observed about California spirituality. Listen in.

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