SHIPWRECKED #11 - Rhynotic and Toni Marinara

We Do A Little

Mar 11 2024 • 2 hrs 31 mins

In this week’s episode, we sit down with Toni Marinara and Rhynotic, two of the most under the radar chad art patrons in the digital art space right now. Rhynotic is a gigabrain dev helping build out PREMINT which is the best allowlist platform in town. Toni is a badass lawyer who is representing and championing the culture of code with ArtXCode.

This episode is jam packed with art vibes. We dive into how we fell in love with the art, the differences between patrons and collectors and how to onboard more patrons, the importance of art history, balancing breadth vs. depth when it comes to connections, and so much more.

Season Four is officially powered by Arbitrum and our content will be redistributed across Rug Radio and Decrypt’s platforms.

Andy and I have been massive fans of Arbitrum since they launched, and both of us invested in Offchain Labs Series B back in 2021. This is a full circle moment for us and we couldn’t be happier to partner with Arbitrum for this season.

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0:00 Intro
3:36 Toni’s love of art and representing artists
21:05 Benny convinces Deeze to buy a skull
22:00 Benny builds tunnels and other jewish culture
27:00 Why we like Ordinals
39:00 Difference between collecting pfps and art
48:45 Why Benny did 23 and me
57:30 Co-collecting pros and cons
1:06:30 Difference between a Patron and Collector
1:17:25 Balancing making deeper connections vs. new connections with artists
1:23:55 How do we bring more patrons into the space?
1:33:05 Custom wine art by Lars Wander
1:46:05 Rhynotic’s experience in the discord trenches helping artists
1:53:00 The art world is shifting from inaccessible to accessible
1:58:20 PROOF’s art team is top tier
2:04:00 Where did Toni Marinara and Rhynotic get their handles from?
2:09:02 Who are the art critics you respect?
2:17:45 Avant Arte changing the game
2:21:00 Importance of art history
2:29:01 What album what you take on a deserted island?
2:31:30 Kanye apologizes

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