Mike Demarais - Making the future fun with Rainbow

We Do A Little

Apr 29 2024 • 2 hrs 9 mins

In this week’s episode, we sit down with our friend and co-founder of Rainbow Wallet, Mike Demarais. We dive into Mike’s background as a software engineer, how he fell into the crypto rabbithole, co-founding Rainbow, important lessons learned from raising capital, and so much more.

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0:00 Intro (Lindyness of the Fractional Hat)
3:30 Mike’s crypto rabbit hole story and inspiration for Rainbow
16:50 How did you get into software development?
30:00 Mike’s political aspirations
32:20 The Rainbow Brand and how Mike thinks about building
46:35 Andy buys punks because of Mike’s tweets
50:30 Early crypto meetups in NYC
53:40 Rainbow’s first raise and what they learned from YC
1:02:50 Most important lesson learned from raising capital?
1:11:10 What does a day in the life of Mike Rainbow look like?
1:17:10 How had Discord use changed from the mania in 2021 until now?
1:21:00 Ordinals
1:32:00 Gaming backgrounds
1:41:35 Mike’s love of Unisocks
1:47:20 What’s next for Rainbow?
1:58:40 Telegram bots
2:01:00 NFTs on L2s
2:10:32 What would your autobiography title be?

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