We Do A Little Duo Pod #2 - What We're Doing in 2024 and our Favorite Narratives

We Do A Little

Jan 5 2024 • 1 hr 20 mins

In this episode,  Andy and Deeze discuss their favorite narratives for 2024, how it has been building IKB, things we paid less than $250 for that made our lives better, some of our favorite content, and more.

Show Notes

00:00 Introduction and Holiday Recap
03:10 Exploring Bitcoin
06:10 Solana and Other Ecosystems
09:55 Staking TIA and Airdrops
11:29 AI Coins and BitTensor
16:43 Maker Changes and DeFi Tokens
20:02 COIN and Rotations
23:13 Inside IKB and the Closed Beta
27:03 Challenges and Easier Aspects of Building IKB
32:04 Future Plans for IKB and Best Ball
33:56 Grinding NBA and Competition
35:08 Fantasy Sports Strategies
39:26 Exploring Underdog Golf
41:57 Challenges of NBA DFS
45:19 AI Agents in Fantasy Sports
49:45 Investing in Startups
55:05 Best Purchases Under $250
58:28 Taking Care of Health
01:04:48 Insightful Content
01:10:15 Finding Your Own Path to Success
01:11:04 The Importance of Patience and Transformation
01:13:10 Identity and Personal Success
01:14:01 The Value of Work-Life Balance
01:15:27 The Myth of the 10-Year Plan
01:19:01 Larry and Lola's Origins (Does Andy need a third cat?)

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DISCLAIMER: Nothing contained within this podcast is financial or investment advice, a solicitation to buy or sell any token, or to be relied upon to make any financial decisions.  The podcast hosts or guests may own tokens or art that is discussed.  All opinions shared on this podcast are those of the respective individuals only and provided for information and entertainment purposes only.

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