From special education classes to becoming a world class investor - Darren Jacklin | EP33

The Ultrahabits Podcast

Dec 1 2021 • 59 mins

From growing up with learning and reading disabilities, to barely passing public high school, to multiple suicide attempts, to living on the streets and on welfare—Darren Jacklin was fated for failure. Throughout his upbringing, he was repeatedly told that his abilities would forever keep him from amounting to anything. For years he accepted this destiny and even succumbed to its weight several times until someone believed in him.

This pivotal moment completely reshaped his life, giving him the power to believe in himself for the first time. Since then, Darren has trained over one million people in forty-eight countries, four continents, and 157 Fortune 500 Companies. He has rung the Closing Bell at NASDAQ twice, served on high-profile public and private Boards of Directors, and currently leads a Global Mission towards Global Philanthropy Projects through his Private Family Foundation.

As a successful corporate trainer, world-class public speaker, and investor; Darren shares the transformative experiences that have allowed him to find his purpose.

This insightful memoir takes you on a journey of successes and failures from the perspective of someone who knows what it’s like to give up on life and achieve great success. Darren’s life has been transformed by embodying persistence. Until I Become is centred around this theme in the hopes of inspiring you to do the same.

Here’s what to expect in this episode:

✅ 9:50 - The fundamental steps Darren took after multiple suicide attempts
✅ 33:05 - This #1 mistake Darren made with goal-setting can save years of your life
✅ 51:57 - The two most important questions everyone needs to ask themselves for living a fulfilling life


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