Odd Trails

Andrew Tate and Brandon Lanier

Odd Trails is an anthology of true paranormal stories, narrated by Andrew Tate and Brandon Lanier. Join us every week as we dive into all things weird and otherworldly. Submit your experiences to stories@oddtrails.com.
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Odd Trails Trailer
Dec 5 2021
1 min
Episode 008: Ghost House, or Alternate Timeline?Episode 007: Dice Road CemeteryEpisode 006: Was That A Demon? (feat. Drinking The Koolaid)Episode 005: The Voice Beneath My BedEpisode 004: The Family CabinEpisode 003: The Maze (Feat. Sapphire Sandalo)Episode 002: The DollhouseEpisode 001: The Disappearing House in the WoodsOdd Trails Trailer