Embrace Your Inner Self and Empower Yourself

Sangita Patel

On our show we will explore the blueprint of your body systems and how they are related with specific emotions and your body. We’ll discuss transforming your relationship with Money, emotional healing through meditation and forgiveness.brbr We’ll talk about how to remove energy blockages from our body, as well as understanding the Yin and Yang balancing in our body. We will talk about what are two different states of mind you can be in from moment to moment and which one allows you to create what you want magically and joyfully.brbr We’ll also discuss transforming our mindset from confusion to clarity, overwhelmed to peace. We shall explore ways to deal with grief- from Loss to Light. We will discuss how understanding your dreams can be useful in your life and messages you receive from beyond. Guest speakers will join us for all of these topics and much more.

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