The Paramedic

How to Choose

Oct 4 2022 • 31 mins

In this episode we interview paramedic Jonno Holmes to understand more about how emergency workers make decisions under pressure.


When trying to decide on a profession or change of career, it can be very valuable to consider what we want from a job - and this in turn requires good 'self-knowledge'. To build this self-awareness, pay attention to the things you enjoy. Do you prefer to work alone, or would you rather work with a team? Do you like to be outdoors, doing physical work, or are you more of a cerebral person who likes to read and think? Do you do your best work when your day is predictable, or do you thrive in unpredictable situations? As Socrates said - 'To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom'.

When working in a team, poor communication can result in very poor decision making and can lead to critical errors. If you're part of a team and your work uses protocols or 'standard operating procedures', don't forget to communicate clearly so everyone understands what is happening at all times.


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