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Are you a physician yearning to break free from the corporate grind and find true fulfillment in your medical practice?

Designed for younger physicians, this show is your blueprint for transitioning from corporate to independent practices, even without business experience.

Listen to discover:

- Proven strategies to decrease medical practice burnout and increase patient satisfaction.
- Remarkably simple ways to generate wealth and achieve financial freedom through leadership coaching, free online courses, and medical school debt reduction strategies.
- Insights from business leaders, spiritual mentors, and thought leaders to cultivate a deeper sense of purpose and master stress reduction habits in your medical practice.

Hosted by Coach JPMD, aka Jude A. Pierre, MD, with over 23 years of experience in Internal Medicine, this podcast demonstrates his passion for helping physicians thrive. Tune in every Monday for crazy medical stories and every Thursday for career-boosting insights or guest interviews.

Ready to ditch corporate controls, reduce burnout, and generate wealth beyond residency training? Listen to fan-favorite episodes 001 and 055.

Transform your medical practice journey today!

Discover how medical graduates, junior doctors, and young physicians can navigate residency training programs, surgical residency, and locum tenens to increase income, enjoy independent practice, decrease stress, achieve financial freedom, and retire early, while maintaining patient satisfaction and exploring physician side gigs to tackle medical school loans.

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065 - Exploring New Horizons in Healthcare: Beyond Medications
May 2 2024
065 - Exploring New Horizons in Healthcare: Beyond Medications
In this episode, Coach JPMD shares his personal health journey and how he tackled his high blood pressure. He discusses the importance of being proactive with one's health and explores the benefits of sauna bathing and heat exposure in reducing cardiovascular mortality and lowering blood pressure. Coach JPMD also highlights the life expectancy in Finland, where saunas are common in households, and encourages listeners to reflect on how healthcare practices can be improved.TakeawaysBeing proactive with one's health is essential for physicians and healthcare providers.Sauna bathing and heat exposure can help reduce cardiovascular mortality and lower blood pressure.The presence of saunas in households in Finland may contribute to their longer life expectancy.Healthcare practices should consider alternative approaches beyond medications.Show Notes/ResourcesSauna bathing is associated with reduced cardiovascular mortality and improves risk prediction in men and women: a prospective cohort study and Other Health Benefits of Sauna Bathing: A Review of the Evidence Expectancy of Countries Around the World with My Functional Medicine Physician - Stacey Robinson, MD 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: 30th Anniversary Edition said or discussed on the PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE  should not be used as a substitute for seeking medical care from your own medical provider
061 - Unlocking Success: Entrepreneurship & Building Strong Teams with Dr. Michael Neal
Feb 22 2024
061 - Unlocking Success: Entrepreneurship & Building Strong Teams with Dr. Michael Neal
Dr. Michael Neal talks about his entrepreneurial and optometric experiences in this episode of PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE. He discusses the difficulties of staffing medical practices with qualified individuals based on his own experience in the field. Instead of looking at prior work experience, Dr. Neal recommends recruiting for innate abilities. Analytics and AI as they pertain to the employment process are also topics he covers. In sum, the discussion shows how crucial it is for medical offices to have solid teams if they want to succeed. Dr. Michael Neal explains why it's beneficial for private offices to hire people based on their resourcefulness. He talks about how, even with little resources, he was able to hire people that stood out Next, we go on to discussing how to broaden the hiring process to encompass physician and nurse practitioner positions. According to Dr. Neal, their method goes beyond just looking at a candidate's work history to evaluate their character traits and frame of mind as well. Problems with current evaluation methods and the need for a personalized strategy are also discussed. Dr. Neal encourages clinics to contact Build My Team for help and highlights the advantages of targeted recruiting. Those who are having trouble with hiring in their practices will find this episode helpful and thought-provoking.YouTubeBuild My Team Website Radical Remission Workshop
059 - The Doctor Whisperer: Transforming Medical Practices and Prioritizing Mental Health
Jan 25 2024
059 - The Doctor Whisperer: Transforming Medical Practices and Prioritizing Mental Health
This week on PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE, we explore the transformative insights of Sharon Fekete, the renowned Doctor Whisperer, as she delves into her impactful work with insurance-independent physicians. Discover the crucial role of mental health in the medical workplace as Sharon candidly shares her journey of overcoming challenges. Gain valuable insights into the essential elements of leadership, vulnerability, and communication in the medical field. Uncover the significance of hiring and staff meetings for the success of medical practices, and be inspired by Sharon's advocacy for physicians to prioritize self-care. Join her vision for a reimagined future of the medical business, focused on seamlessly serving patients and healthcare providers.Show NotesThe Broken Road to Mental Health: In Life and in Business by Sharon Fekete  Amazon Link to bookSharon’s YouTube channel’s Media Company’s Website Assistance Program (EAP) Information - Anonymous 12-Step Program - you a healthcare provider with suicidal thoughts? - Contact Pamela Wible, MD for help -  http://www.pamelawible.com988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline - Dial 988 in the United States -