007 - Preventing Burnout with a Thank You with Life Coach Gabriella Dennery, MD, OMC


Jul 15 2021 • 32 mins

In this episode, Haitian-American physician Gabriella Dennery, MD, OMC shares her personal story about how she left medicine after burning out.   Dr. Dennery is a Life Coach at Doc Working who is also an ordained minister, composer, and musician.   She is now coaching healthcare professionals on how to create healthier ways to answer their calling to medicine. She partners with physicians to help create authentic action plans that work for them and engages physicians to take steps that are achievable, practical, and fun. She’s also passionate about looking at her client’s internal resistance to transformation with compassion and honesty. Physicians often do not seek help when they’re stressed. The shame and lack of support from other colleagues may make stressful situations even worse.  Dr. Dennery wants to help you overcome these obstacles by sharing her own personal experiences so that you can prevent burnout. You will not want to miss why she thinks a simple “Thank you” is an important key to burnout prevention.

Show Notes