008 - When Should You Buy Commercial Real Estate? Pearls of Wisdom with Pariksith Singh, MD


Jul 29 2021 • 35 mins

Practicing medicine in 2021 has caused physicians to face many challenges.  Physicians are being confronted with increasing practice demands, billing stress, and increased patient loads.  In this week’s episode Coach JPMD has a conversation with Pariksith Singh, MD about purchasing and owning commercial real estate and how this could be another tool that can help you to Practice Impossible.  Dr. Singh is a practicing internist in Spring Hill, Florida, and is the founder and owner of Access Healthcare Physicians, LLC as well as many other successful real estate companies.  They discuss certain things that he did to amass the multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.  This portfolio includes medical practices that Coach JPMD once leased from him.  As Coach JPMD grew his practice, he too understood the importance of owning the real estate that he practices in and this has helped secure a terrific passive income.  We hope that this episode inspires you to consider purchasing real estate at the right time for you and your practice.  We recommend getting the right realtor, financial advisor, and/or consultant so that you can be confident in making the best decision as you Practice Impossible.

For a complete bio on Dr. Singh click on the show notes here.