The Trail Connection

Tim Garland

The Trail Connection brings listeners/viewers alongside Tim Garland and various guests on outdoor excursions into many different locations around the country. Episodes comprised of a range of topics including hiking, camping, site setups, campfire cooking, gear reviews, story-telling, and adventure previews. Inspiring interest in getting outdoors through sharing experiences, learning from some really cool folks, and engaging in good conversation.

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Backyard Beginnings - 001
Sep 12 2019
45 mins
Backyard Beginnings - 001Solo Polo - 002River Run - 003AT Trailhead PT.1 - 004AT Trailhead PT.2 - 005Hidden Gems - 006Campfire Cookin' - 007Hammocks V Tents - 008Camping Convert - 009Keeping It Real - 010That Didn't Go Well - 011Gator Bait - 012Quality Quarantine - 013A Walk with Mitty - 014Got A Permit For That? - 015Rain, Rain, Go Away - 016The Fastest Year Ever - 017Choice Gear feat Aptitude Outdoors - 018A Final Word From 2020 - 019Rite of Passage - 020