7: Brown Rice Syrup, The Truth About Meat and The Meat Industry with Autumn Smith

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Aug 31 2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

I’m joined by Autumn Smith, who shared her story of how she healed her autoimmune disease in just 30 days by simply switching her diet. We also talk about what’s happening in the meat industry, agricultural farming, and so much more!

Bite of Knowledge: Brown Rice Syrup

Topics Covered in this Episode:
  • Autoimmune disease + symptoms
  • Agricultural farming
  • Meat misconceptions
  • IBS
  • Dietary intervention
  • Gas
  • Paleo diet
  • Can you eat after a workout?
  • Eating in a distressed state vs. eating in a relaxed state
  • Meat
  • Where Crisco came from
  • Trans fat
  • Where the stigma behind meat came from
  • Bill Gates and plant based meats
  • Where the low fat movement came from
  • Kellogg and masterbation
  • Protein leverage hypothesis
  • Amino acids
  • Issues with factory farming
  • Grass fed vs grass finished
  • Omega fatty acid ratios
  • How to read meat, egg and dairy labels
  • Cost of organic certification
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