Ep 15: Marketing Trends with Retirement Inside Out

Advisor Development Show with Karl Hoover

Nov 3 2021 • 26 mins

A lot of advisors have seen growth in the past few decades and especially in the past few years. With these changes come new market trends and developments. We are mixing it up today and spotlighting Karl’s interview on another FIG podcast, Retirement Inside Out.

Karl and Tom, the host of Retirement Inside Out, will be discussing their careers at FIG as well as the marketing trends they’ve noticed throughout the years. From referrals to webinars you need to stay on top of marketing trends by using multiple avenues to reach clients and potential clients.

Get additional information: https://advisordevelopmentshow.com/podcast/ep-15-marketing-trends-with-retirement-inside-out/2367/

What we discuss today:

1:50 – Karl’s backstory and FIG model

8:52 – Working with the local market

13:27 – Development and coaching advisors

19:27 – Client referrals and digital marketing

23:46 – Affinity Group & Tip of the Triangle