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The Advisor Development Show is a digital mastermind network for the best financial professionals across the country. Join your host, Karl Hoover, as he interviews the brightest minds across the financial landscape every episode. Karl has been with Financial Independence Group for more than 20 years and is a senior vice president who enjoys leading advisors through the the worlds of marketing, practice management, product R&D and the various challenges financial professionals face trying to grow and maintain their practices. This show is all about sharing ideas and experiences to help you overcome obstacles and become a better financial professional. Contact: https://www.teamhoover.figmarketing.com/ or 800-527-1155 or teamhoover@figmarketing.com

Ep 28: Taking Ownership of Your Career with NFL Coach Pete Hoener
Winning a football game is a lot like winning in business, there are a lot of parallels between these two industries and we are going to explore those similarities today with our guest, sports legend and NFL Coach, Pete Hoener. Working for teams like the 49ers, Cardinals, Carolina Panthers, and more, Pete has worked with various football stars to improve their skills and resilience in the game. Overcoming obstacles is something both NFL professionals and business owners face. On today’s episode, Pete will break down his journey to the NFL, the lessons he’s learned working in this industry, leadership characteristics, and more.   TIMESTAMPS: 2:54 – Who’s the most interesting player you’ve worked with? 5:38 - Overcoming obstacles 6:54 – What was your journey to the NFL like? 11:37 – Working with stars 12:49 – What characteristics do you look for? 18:01 – Example of leaders in the game 19:15 – How do you train to be the best? 22:23 – Continuing to get better and taking ownership 24:32 – Being accountable to your teammates 28:41 – What’s the day in the life of a coach like? 32:33 – Characteristics of a good team 36:13 – What was it like going to the Super Bowl? 39:27 - How did you develop a winning culture? 42:09 – Managing through losses and expectations 47:00 – What are your favorite NFL players of all time? 50:12 – What plays would you take back in your career? 52:25 – How are you taking accountability?   MORE INFORMATION:  https://advisordevelopmentshow.com/
54 mins
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