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Karl Hoover

The Advisor Development Show is a digital mastermind network for the best financial professionals across the country. Join your host, Karl Hoover, as he interviews the brightest minds across the financial landscape every episode. Karl has been with Financial Independence Group for more than 20 years and is a senior vice president who enjoys leading advisors through the the worlds of marketing, practice management, product R&D and the various challenges financial professionals face trying to grow and maintain their practices. This show is all about sharing ideas and experiences to help you overcome obstacles and become a better financial professional. Contact: https://www.teamhoover.figmarketing.com/ or 800-527-1155 or teamhoover@figmarketing.com
Ep 20: Offering Customized Insurance with the President of IPCGEp 19: Video Marketing with Greg Prinz, Founder of Chapter One Films
Jan 5 2022
33 mins
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Jun 16 2021
31 mins
Ep 5: How To Use Brain Science To Improve Your Practice With Chris AbeytaEp 4: Embracing Self-Advocacy With Michael Kitces
Karl is pleased to feature a recent interview between renowned financial planning professional Michael Kitces and Financial Independence Group's Tom Lamendola on this episode. Karl will set you up for what to expect in the interview that ranges several topics from Michael's viewpoint on the messaging as it pertains to the retirement dilemma in the US to delving into the best practices for financial professionals to fish for new clients. You'll also hear discussion about what financial professionals and investors alike should focus on in today's fast-changing financial world. About Michael Kitces: Michael is the Publisher, Editor-In-Chief, and Chief Financial Planning Nerd at Kitces.com. He's also the head of planning and strategy at Buckingham Wealth Partners and the co-founder of several additional ventures in the financial services space. He's also the host of the Financial Advisor Success Podcast. Website: https://www.kitces.com/ Podcast: https://www.kitces.com/podcast/ Buckingham: https://buckinghamadvisor.com/ Key Moments: 0:37 - Show starts and Karl previews the interview 2:05 - Michael Kitces interview begins 3:03 - What's behind the "Kitces Blue"? 6:11 - Michael reflects on how marketing for financial professionals has changed during the Coronavirus pandemic. 11:26 - Should you try to be everywhere you possibly can from a marketing perspective? 17:37 - Is there a nationwide retirement dilemma facing us today? 27:10 - Michael looks back at an old 60 Minutes segment that painted an inaccurate picture of the financial services industry and what it takes to be prepared for retirement, and the lessons that can be learned from that today. Contact Karl: 800-527-1155 teamhoover@figmarketing.com https://www.teamhoover.figmarketing.com/
May 19 2021
33 mins
Ep 3: Using The Myers-Briggs System To Build Client Relationships With Dustin West
It’s no secret that client connection is important and an essential part to any industry that is out there. However, this aspect is absolutely vital for financial advisors to hone and perfect. Our guest today, Dustin West, explains how you can utilize the Myers-Briggs system to build relationships with clients, close on sales, and much more.   About Dustin West: Before Dustin got in the financial services industry, he held a position at a corporate job that felt a little too comfortable. He then took a leap of faith and accepted a position at Accelerated Wealth, where his first office was located in a garage. There were many opportunities to quit along the way, but Dustin kept following his passion with the support of his wife Toni. The company has since flourished and Dustin led a company-wide education program on the Myers-Briggs inventory tool in order to connect on a deeper level with their prospects. Which is a big factor in the company’s explosive growth.   Key moments:  2:01 - How Dustin Got Into The Business 3:31 - Garage Days 5:19 - The Journey Into Myers-Briggs 9:41 - Implementing Myers-Briggs Within The Business 11:37 - Myers-Briggs In Layman's Terms 13:01 - Breaking Down The Preferences 18:02 - Outward Traits To Look For 20:40 - Continuation Of Explaining The Preferences 24:09 - Sales Process 26:09 - Examples Of Traits Found In Sales Process 29:15 - Covering Both Preference Types 33:00 - Have Other Financial Advisors Adopted This Method? 36:26 - Getting Started 38:42 - What Does The Partnership Look Like With FIG? 42:01 - Dustin’s Life Lesson   Contact Karl: 800-527-1155 teamhoover@figmarketing.com https://www.teamhoover.figmarketing.com/
May 5 2021
47 mins
Ep 2: Leading A Life & Business With Integrity - A Chat With Bill CainEp 1: Meet Karl Hoover & What To Expect On This Show