Mrs. Judith Anderson Was Destined for International Experiences

Teachers in the Movement Podcast

Mar 15 2022 • 42 mins

Judith Anderson was destined for international experiences. After spending a few years living in Germany and traveling all over Europe with her husband during his military deployment, Judith Anderson moved back to Virginia and shared those experiences with the students in her French class. In addition to teaching the language, Mrs. Anderson worked to broaden her students horizons and give them a global perspective in the midst of a fraught desegregation process in the Richmond city schools. In addition to her service as a teacher, Mrs. Anderson also discusses her distinguished career as a public servant, serving as Legislative Aide to the first Black governor of Virginia, Douglas Wilder, and in subsequent gubernatorial administrations.

You can read Dr. Carmen Foster’s dissertation "Tension, Resistance, and Transition: School Desegregation in Richmond's North Side, 1960-63” Here: Carmen_F_Foster_Dissertation_May2014.pdf

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