Season 6, #95 "Money and Politics"; Guest: Kathy Schweitzer; Wine: Bordeaux Supérieur

Cliterally Speaking the Podcast

Feb 12 2021 • 1 hr 35 mins

Michelle and Emily are joined on the podcast by friend Kathy Schweitzer. Michelle and Emily sip on a 2015 Chateau Bruni Bordeaux Superieure while Kathy sipped on her 2021 Corona. They learn why Kathy doesn't drink wine anymore - *hint, high school. Michelle asks Kathy to share her experience running for office and things people should think about if they are interested in getting involved. Fundraise! Talk to people! See the commonalities! They talk about local issues and learn that Emily pays for a street lamp on her electric bill! The conversation shifts to a lively discussion about Credit Unions and the creation of one to serve the economically-disadvantaged and traditionally "unbanked" and "underbanked" populations. They talk about how being poor costs money. The episode wraps up with a passionate discussion about not pumping your own gas, customer service, and artificial intelligence replacing our jobs. Michelle and Emily have competing views on self-checkout at grocery stores. Thank you for listening and subscribing to Cliterally Speaking the Podcast. Visit our website: www.cliterallyspeakingpodcast.com Facebook: @cspeakpodcast Instagram: @cliterallyspeakingthepodcast Twitter: @cliterallyspea1 Please call our comment line: 812-727-0794 Watch our youtube channel (Cliterally Speaking the Podcast) for all the behind the scenes discussions during our recording sessions. Be on the lookout for the launch of our live-streaming channel on Twitch, CliterallySpeakingPodTV. Our Patreon site is up - visit it here - http://bit.ly/32uOnVT