Bonus: Orgasm Diaries - BSide Conversation with Dave

Cliterally Speaking the Podcast

Jul 29 2021 • 1 hr 5 mins

Brand New Episode! As part of preparing for International Orgasm Day on July 31st, Michelle and Emily wanted to get a male perspective on orgasms. Michelle reached out to a friend of hers and they dug deep on the male brain before and after orgasms, on relationships, on first times, on communication, on sexual education and much more. If you've ever wondered what goes on in the male brain this episode is for you! Thank you for listening and subscribing to Cliterally Speaking the Podcast. Visit our website: www.cliterallyspeakingpodcast.com Facebook: @cspeakpodcast Instagram: @cliterallyspeakingthepodcast Twitter: @cliterallyspea1 Please call our comment line: 812-727-0794 Watch our youtube channel (Cliterally Speaking the Podcast) for all the behind the scenes discussions during our recording sessions. Be on the lookout for the launch of our live-streaming channel on Twitch, CliterallySpeakingPodTV. Our Patreon site is up - visit it here - http://bit.ly/32uOnVT