Birds of Empire


A cinematic fantasy event in audio. New Dakota: 15,000 CE, thousands of years after the fall of our civilization. The Earth has reclaimed the cities and glories of the modern world, returning humanity to a way of life that recalls advanced, ancient civilizations. The histories of the old world survive only as myths and legends. Our tale focuses on four heroes from the great tribes of what was once South Dakota. They are known as : The Wolves, The Rams, The Bears, and the Birds. Book I : The Dawn Age introduced us to the world and the heroes who we’ll follow as we chart the rise of the first Empire of this new world. Book II : The Seed of Whiterock, begins to weave our worlds and hero quests together as their destinies collide amidst the backdrop of war, natural catastrophes, inflamed rivalries, new alliances, loves and losses. All of them will be tested as the world heaves toward its new age, The Dawn Age. A place where new legends are born and a time when all things return. Created by Jason Lew. From QCODE, makers of fantastic audio fiction. Visit to learn more. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Birds Of Empire podcast combines a cinematic audio experience with an exciting fantasy narrative. It's from QCODE, experts in storytelling, content creation, and audio technology. They are the brains behind audio shows such as From Now, produced by Brian Cox and Richard Madden.

The podcast's story starts in the future. The show is set years after humanity disappeared around 2600. The world is not as it is today. Through the wrath of nature and the destruction of civilization, four tribes emerge. These tribes are the people of New Dakota, who live their lives as those from ancient times. The four tribes are The Birds, The Bears, The Wolves, and The Rams. Season one starts with The Dawn Age, the beginning of the rise of a new empire. It's an eight-episode season that will have listeners in suspense for more.

What sets the Birds Of Empire podcast apart from others is the audio experience it delivers. Listeners may feel as if they are sitting in the cinema, surrounded by the sounds of the story. This experience is thanks to sound designer Randy Torres. Randy has worked on films like Interstellar and Dunkirk, to name a few. He brings the drama to life in a vivid and exciting way that may keep fans compelled to continue listening. This audio treatment also makes the fantasy genre more accessible to those who can't enjoy a visual experience.

The series follows four key characters, one from each tribe. Listeners will get to know each of the tribes through the histories and stories that set them apart. The cast includes Bianca Norwood, Jorge Diaz, Ashley Romans, and Jacques Colimon. Four episodes focus on these characters, and four share the legends and lore that make up the world. It's the storyteller, known as The Keeper, who narrates this historical perspective.

Birds of Empire is an exciting audio fiction that brings fantasy to a podcast audience. It's dramatic in sound and story and combines the classic fantasy themes of good and evil. Fantasy fans and anyone looking for escapism may love this podcast.

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